SS Support Week 27 Apr - 3 May

mcpegApril 27, 2009

Yippeeeeeee - we're heading into May!!!!! Spring is sprunging!!!!!

Hi Everyone!

MIA reporting in - way, way, way overdue. My MIA report is at the end of the last post. Stupid question - what is the SS stand for on our thread title?

I'm back on track and on phase/year 3 of my journey in 2009. Still feeling my hip grinding once in awhile and still getting the odd back spasm (too much idleness).

So, who's up?



P.S. Mental health sucks sometimes but I'm glad I feel much better - ALL of you stayed in my heart and were missed.

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Good Monday all,

Peggy, welcome back! Glad things are looking up for you.

The weekend weather was simply gorgeous but dare I say a bit too warm for horses that still have their winter woolies on. Nevertheless we had enjoyable riding. It won't be long now before I can get out early, early mornings before work. I absolutely love that time of day.

I also got my paddock dragged and some gardening done. So much still to do but I enjoy it.

They are seeding and fertilizing the new pasture today so I am praying for rain and cooler weather soon.

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Good morning, Peggy, and welcome back! It's a little cloudy here in SE Texas, but it's already 73 F.

I'm up early to get ready for my chiropractic appointment, then my workout. Today, I need to go around and introduce myself to the managers of a couple of banks and stores and arrange Saturday mornings for people to set up tables and sell raffle tickets for goodies. The proceeds from the sales go toward our community center which runs awesome programs at minimal costs to the community. I'm the new "ways and means committee" chairman. They saw a new, warm body, and jumped at the chance to get me before I learned too much about the job! LOL

Peggy, SS stands for Somersizing - a way of eating (WOE) introduced by Suzanne Somers in her first book published at least 10 years ago. It was somewhat like Atkins in advocating eating certain foods in combination with others, and it was initially successful for me and many others, but as it sometimes happens, boredom and feelings of deprivation would set in, and I, for one, would slip off the plan. It's just always been called the "SS support group" here out of tradition, I guess.

Well, I need to get dressed and get out of here, so I'll wish everyone a great Monday, and hope that someone else comes along and puts things in much better perspective for Peggy about SS! :-)

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Ah, I thought so but wasn't sure.
I am GLAD to be back, on track, and mentally getting in line with things.
We're heading into a very unseasonal heatwave of 82F or more - April here is normally in the 50-60F. And changing temps overnight is great for spring colds, flu. I have to run and pick up a few groceries and then get back to work. Stocking up on healthy snacks today.

(((((((((((((((((((((Hugs to all of you!))))))))))))))))))))


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I heard that a few prodigal chillen had returned so had to come check it out. LOL Hi & welcome back to the fold! :-) I'm having a few problems with my heart & trying to figure that out. I told the drs this would happen if they put me on meds for my high bp but they don't listen. Well, my bp bottomed out so they took me off of it & now my pulse is jumping around. Down one day & up the next. I feel like I'm dragging all of the time. It is hard to get up & motivated. I'm trying to quilt & get ready for our trip to TX. Actually I have 2 trips to TX planned. Did I announce that Aubrey is going to have a new little sibling to play with? I cannot remember. I have lots of catching up to do myself. Well, have a good week everyone. Saturday is the annual jazz fest for us. I know, BJ, I cannot believe that they planned it on Derby day this year. And, that is also NSD, National Scrapbook Day! Bad day to plan a jazz fest but it is our annual thing so...what can I say? They just picked the wrong weekend this year. Ciao! Patti :-)

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Happy MONDAY!!!

Well, I had a long, insightful, motivating post, but lost it!

Welcome home, McPeg! Glad you are taking care of yourself.

Don't have time to do more than check in, but will be back later............

Make today count!

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Peggy, so glad to see your smiling face again! Can't believe what warm weather you are having - you're even hotter than us today!

Patti, I'm so sorry your struggling with medical problems. Hope you are back to normal soon....

suzanne, glad you are having such beautiful weather!

Good weigh in at Weight Watchers. I've been going 16 weeks now - can you believe y'all have been hearing about it for this long (no smirks, please. - ha.) 28.6 pounds ago. Yesterday I worked in the yard and had on some old jeans, and I kept having to pull them up. Not a pretty sight, but a great, new feeling.

Hope everyone has a great week.


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Baggy pants, Jan! Way to go! 28.6 pounds is fantastic!
I love baggy pants. One day, I'll get pants that fit, but for now, baggies are just fine for me!

Patti, I hope you get that all resolved very soon!



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Good Tuesday morning from a very soggy SE Texas! We had enough rain last night and during the night to share with everyone here, and more is expected all week. UGH!

Patti, sorry to read about your current health problems. Very scary, I'm sure. Feel better!

Jan, way to go on baggy pants, girlfriend! Doesn't that boost your ego enormously?

I took the morning off from working out because I was tired from trying to sleep through thunderstorms all night long. I do have a noon meeting for the "Divas" event which I attended last summer. This one will be called "Divas on Safari", and I managed to get myself on the planning committee by mentioning a few things to my chiropractor who is also the Chamber of Commerce president which sponsors the "Divas" event. Oh, well, one year won't hurt me, right?

Dinner tonight will, hopefully, be grilled steaks if it's not pouring outside. If it is, I'm just going to grill them on my good old Suzanne Somers grill I bought years ago and which still works well. I'm doing a Curves Meltdown thing, so the first 3 days are high in protein and veggies, and I'm hungry for steak!

Lots on the news today about all the flooding over in the northwest part of our county. Thankfully, we're a little higher here with flat roads and lots of grass farms, so maybe that will keep us from flooding as the flood waters start moving down.

Wishing everyone a successful day!

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I'm looking for major support today. Been doing the WW thing for awhile now and down about 15 lbs. Still slow, but steady. Jan, I can't wait to be down where you are. Way to go! What a compliment to be called "Baggy Pants"!

Had a physical earlier in the year. Blood pressure was critical, so started on meds. At that time, my LDL was slightly elevated, but HDL and triglycerides were excellent. Well, today I had a follow up Dr appt. Blood pressure was normal, so now I'm off blood pressure meds, but I need to monitor it carefully so it doesn't creep back up.

Now the BAD news: LDL had risen 40 points, HDL had dropped dramatically - almost 40 pts, and Triglycerides had risen substantially!!!! Now he wants me on cholesterol meds. I'm so discouraged. I really thought with the weight loss and my diligent exercise routine that I would have a glowing report. Dr attributes it to genetics. But why would that all of a sudden be an issue? And why such a significant change in only 2 1/2 months when I'm doing everything right?


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Joyce, I don't know what you're eating on WW or how long you've been doing it, but when I did WW, my diet was very high in carbohydrates. Triglycerides are directly related to sugar in the diet. Could there be too high a carbohydrate impact causing an increase in your cholesterol and trigs? I've brought my cholesterol and triglycerides way down by cutting out ALL sugar.

It seems counterintuitive, but low-fat, low-cal diets generally raise cholesterol levels. If you aren't already doing so, I think you could possibly look into something like the South Beach diet, which encourages the moderate use of healthy fats and cuts out unhealthy carbs, and see about conforming it to the Weight Watchers guidelines.


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Thanks, everybody, for the baggy pants comments. It is a new problem that I haven't had in years - ha, and I surely don't mind.

Joyce, my doctor put me on cholesterol medicine (Lipitor) about two years ago. I was not real happy about it, but, fortunately, have not had any problems with it, and cholesterol was lowered immediately from 230 to 168. Last bloodwork/office visit revealed that it was even lower (124) than it's ever been, and I have to think the weight loss and exercise contributed to it. Even so, the doctor didn't recommend taking me off of it. When I see him again, and as long as I'm still sticking to my healthy WOE, I'm going to ask if I can stop taking it, and see how it goes. He seems to think mine is genetic, too, and has even said when it is genetic, all the exercise and healthy habits won't change a thing. He may have a point, when I was young and much thinner, mine still tended to run around 200+.

I've also read that post-menopause, the bad cholesterol levels do tend to go up, so if you are in that wonderful age group, like me, that could also be a contributing factor. Growing old ain't for sissies, as they say.

I hope you and your doctor can figure out why this is happening and you find a good balance soon.

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Hi from day 4 of a heat wave in the NE!

I love heat but going from 50 to 90 back to 50 tomorrow is just ridiculous! Whatever happened to spring????

Peggy, glad to see you back! You were missed. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Joyce, I'm a lifetime WW member who is seriously lapsed. I am following the program online and find that this time around I am much more aware of carbs, fats, etc. My suggestion would be to have your leader review some of your trackers with you. You might be doing something you are totally unaware of and maybe he/she can help you correct that.

Eklektos, I don't know how long ago you did WW but the current program does promote the use of healthy fats and healthy carbs. Of course on WW the theory is that nothing is forbidden so we have to accept accountability for what we put in our mouths, even though it's in points range. I have personally been guilty of knowing that what I was eating was bad for me but diligently counted those points! That's why I thought it might be a good idea for Joyce to go over some trackers with her leader and closely analyze what she's eating. I absolutely agree with you that low fat/low cal diets generally do pack pounds on you. Somehow we think those kinds of foods give us free license to chow down - again, I have been guilty of that.

Jan, you baggy pants girl you! WTG I am so proud of you and will never be tired of hearing about your accomplishments.

Milkdud, try and stay dry! We had soaking rain about a week ago and it was a mess. I know we needed it but locally we have had the wettest April in ages so say the meteorologists and newsfolks. Grilled steak sounds very good to me, I just might do that tonight myself.

Suanne, Dee and Raeanne hope you have been enjoying our beautiful weather.

Patti, you have a full plate my friend. You will be in my prayers with your med problems ((hugs)). How is Dave? Congratulations on the expected new arrival in your family! Enjoy your jazz fest.

John, glad you stopped in! It's been way too long.

Take care and I will check in later.


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Happy Hump Day! (middle of the week)
Lottery day today for me...can't win if you don't play!

Okay, now for the serious stuff. I've been on Lipitor for 2 years now and happy to be on it. I'm thinking long term. My dad was a heart patient - if there is one thing I fear it's heart problems. The pill doesn't bug me and the results are great. I'm also a diabetic, diet controlled and always sitting 'just above normal'. So watching my cholesterol for long term health care is a concern. I'm a 'preventative' person.

Jan, I still remember when you first posted on this forum looking for help. I am so glad you stuck around and have become family to us. You rock!

Patti, congratulations on your happy family news. Hugs to you to get things stable again. You are in my heart you know.

I too have missed everyone and happy to be among you once again. It was a rough winter. Today I'm off to see my psychologist to do more talking. She is such an angel. I feel fantastic but the problem with mental health is sometimes you never know when things will dive again so talking and non-stop learning skills to cope are vital. I'm reading lots of positive self help books and now learning a new career path is also helpful.

The only sucky thing about feeling better is noticing how much I have let the house slide when I was unwell - catch up time in that department. LOL

Let's make today a great day!
I love all of you,

PS - John, I too am happy to see you back. You were missed!

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Hi Guys!

The weather here has been non-rainy (not warm, but no rain.) I appreciate that since I hike up the hill to file things a couple time a day!

Joyce~ Many times, diet affects cholesterol levels, but you can't deny your heritage! There are so many choices in cholesterol-lowering drugs these days, we're lucky for that! But it is disappointing news when you've worked so hard to be prescription-free and healthy! ((((HUGS)))

Baggy Pants Jan---CONGRATS!!!!!!

Patti--A "heart-y" wish that you get the health concerns worked out! And CONGRATS on the new baby.

Well, the buyer's inspection on our house is Monday. Wish us luck! We accepted an offer 60% below our ORIGINAL (last July) asking price, but hey!---hopefully, the deal will be finalized and we'll be bruised but not beaten!

I am planning a trip to see my Dad in June. This means seeing my 3 sisters, my mom, and an ex-boyfriend. Can you say DIET? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check in TODAY or face consequences. (((mu-wah!))

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Good Wednesday,

No rain here and I am praying and doing the rain dance for rain to come down and grace our newly seeded and fertilized field! I don't want to lose all that money into the air! it's really dry here.

JAN - wow, you are doing so well sister. I remember when you started here you were struggling to get started! Now look at you. I am happy for you. Who do you want to win BL? I want Mike

Donna, that was good advice you gave! We are responsible for what we put in our mouths. They key is the journaling - without that we really have no accountability! and no help from a leader to advice us to something better!!

Good luck on the house BJ. It's been tough for so many people I know. A friend here just sold her house after almost four years! Ugh.

Milkdud, did you get that grilled steak! Please send rain my way sister.

Patti, I am thinking of you and hope you check in.

Peggy, glad you are working on yourself! You deserve that for sure.

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Good afternoon, ladies! It's 82 F. and partly sunny here today.

Suzanne, I lovingly rubbed our steaks with that rub you sent and hubby raved about the taste! My eyes were bigger than my stomach so we had enough steak for 2 meals. YEA!

I only have 2 more chiropractic sessions to go before being "released". I've truly enjoyed every session because I come away from there feeling much improved, then I do my Curves workout and feel even better every time. Hubby had his first alignment yesterday, and he came home with a big smile on his face because he felt instant relief. His problems are a lot more serious than mine, but he'll have the same number of treatments, just on different areas of his body.

Once I finish my regular sessions, I'll continue my self-therapy using my exercise ball and doing the stretches in my notebook. People who know me but haven't seen me in a few weeks are commenting that I've lost a lot of weight, but I really haven't. It's just that I am standing taller and breathing correctly when working out, and that has made a lot of difference in how I look and move. I highly recommend chiropractic services if you need them, and I was one of the biggest hold-outs until I met this dr. and heard him speak.

Dinner tonight will be leftover steak in a big salad with flavored olive oil for the dressing.

It's so great to come here and read so many posts everyday this week. Nothing like everybody coming "home" to make this place feel so nice and cozy!

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Good Thursday all,

Still no rain.........send rain thoughts my way please!!

Hope everyone is having a good day.

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Happy Friday-Eve everyone!!!

Suzanne, I'll take some rain too if you get too much!! Perhaps we should do a rain dance?

The weather here in SoCal is freezing lately!!! It was 50 all day yesterday. I'm ready for summer. It gets cold, then hot, and manages to kill all my little plants.

Walked for 2 miles yesterday. It is getting easier and easier for me to get that done, and I'm finishing in less time. Sure does feel good to get out there and get something done. For me it helps when I have a task, so I make sure I have to go "get something" that is a mile or two away. Then I don't take my car! It actually doesn't take much less time once I factor in the getting in, buckling up, backing out of my driveway, stop signs, traffic, parking, locking up and walking to the store. I think it saves a couple minutes, but the stress is higher. And, when I walk home with my goodies I have all that extra weight to lug so I'm sure that helps too!

Does weight watchers work for anyone, or is it a permanent thing? Do you get to eat your own food, or is this something you just follow? I find it easier to count calories than buy special food.

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We need rain here, too, but doesn't look like it's going to happen today.

silversword, I am loving Weight Watchers. You can really eat anything you want, you just need to track it and keep it within your point range. Of course, you should try to eat healthy as much as possible. You get 35 optional points to use (or not) each week, plus you can earn extra points with exercise, like your walking. So you don't starve yourself, at least I don't feel that way. I hardly ever use the extra points, but some people say they can't lose unless they use them. Just listen to your body - it will tell you what works for you.

My husband eats whatever I cook, even though he's not doing the program, and enjoys what I'm feeding him, so that's not a problem at our house. We are discovering new foods and recipes, eating more fiber, vegetables and fruits than I have in a long, long time. I always treat myself with a dessert every night - but again, count the points. There are some delicious treats out there that won't break the bank or your diet.

Before starting the program in January, I really had given up ever losing again, as those who know me here will tell you. I had myself believing that it just wasn't possible at my age, and that I would just have to live with it. Emotional eating was a big factor, too. Through every trauma, and these past few years there were several, I numbed myself with food, and a lot of wine. In January, my lightbulb finally clicked on, and here I am, almost 29 pounds lighter. My journey is not finished, but I sure am enjoying it. I still have wine, but only when it's shared with good friends or it's a very special occasion. I don't use it to "cope," which wasn't very much fun.

suzanne, I'm pulling for Mike (The Biggest Loser), too. Isn't he adorable - has grown from a boy to a man in 16 weeks. When they were watching themselves when they first arrived at the ranch, and they all kept saying how they couldn't believe how big they were, I thought how often have I thought the same thing about myself. Talk about denial!

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You go Jan! I'm SO proud of you!!

BJ~Hope things went well on the house.

NH Suzanne~We could use some rain here too. But, please not on Saturday.

Peg~You are in my heart too. I'm doing the binding now. Things are coming along splendidly. I'm so proud. Loving it.

Milkdud~Glad the chiropractor is helping you. Those steaks sound divine. Yummy.

My heart seems to be evening back out. I stopped using the nasal spray that the dr gave me for my allergies & that may have been doing something to change the bp or pulse. Hi to everyone. Have a great weekend if I don't get a chance to get back. :-) Patti

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Sorry I have been MIA....very busy and not eating right. Got some exercise under my belt, but I stopped counting and tracking. Will get back to that starting tomorrow. Totally frustrated that I go up and down...just cannot stick with a good WOE, even tho I know how good I can feel when I'm in that great place. It's I eat when I'm bored.

BJ? Get out those sexy boots and kick this humongo butt for me, will ya?

Patti, feel better darling.

Peg, they asking for you over at KT. :0)

Hello to Marci, Besh, Donna, Raeanne, Suzanne, Jen, John, Amy, and everyone I've missed.

[[[[[[[[[[[BIG SQUEEZY HUGS TO ALL]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]


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Thanks for the explaination Wodka. It sounds a lot like counting calories...right? I can eat what I want, I just have to keep track and try to eat balanced. On my 1200/day I can eat 5 candy bars or three Whoppers or what I've planned out for today: a bowl of malt o'meal, strawberries, cheese, miso soup, a salad, a glass of wine and a rice krispie treat with a square of chocolate.

Or am I missing something?

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silversword, you're funny! Whatever works for you! There are people here who have much more expertise than I do, but yes, I think tracking - either by counting calories or counting points - is the same concept. It's all about moderation and burning more calories than you take in.

As for me, right now I need the added support. I'm not saying I'll be a member forever, but if I need to be, I will. Our group is a lot of fun and I'm enjoying meeting new people and being "social," while I get my head on straight and my old body back.

Patti, thank you so much. I'm glad you are better. Funny that you mention the nasal sprays. My doctor gave me a sample to try and I didn't like the way it made me feel, so I stopped taking it.

Dee, sorry you've been so swamped. Hope you get a break soon.

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Baby V's 2 year check-up today. He's great in all areas of growth, but, of course, pooped his diaper just before the doc opened it up! That boy!

I've lost a pound--that's all-- a pound since the beginning of the year. I go up and down. Dee, I guess I'm going to have to give myself the BOOT!!!! But CONGRATS to all you losers out there!

I'm going to the mainland to pack up my house tomorrow night, so no internet until Monday. But I'll check in on Friday afternoon...

"RAIN---OY-A, OY-A, OY-A, A-a-a-a-a- a YEAH, RAIN." That's my rain dance for you, NHSuzanne! Can you hear the drums beating in the background?

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Rabbit, Rabbit!

Patti :-)

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Patti, you beat me to it! I thought for sure I would be first!

BJ, beat those drums LOUDER!! We had showers overnight so it's a little like a drop in the bucket. Keep dancing and beating the drums sister!!


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May I join you? I am starting the South Beach diet today, May 1. I'm in Minnesota and it has been a loooong winter. I need a fresh start, and that includes losing 12-15 lbs. Since I need to wean myself off sugar and excessive carbs, I think the SB will help jump start a process of better eating. I'm pretty disgusted with myself lately. . .am just a slug. I could use support!

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MIA reporting in. and NO I have not read the whole thread yet. I hate jumping in on Friday. Too much reading.

Eating update: Back on track this week. Did really well. Even had a temptation moment today, and I did some of my old WW mental anchoring to stay on track for Breakfast and Lunch.

Exercised M-T-W but couldn't yesterday and may not be able to do formally today but I plan to go do some stairs at the office.

Eye update long story. End result is: 1) no Macular Degeneration but Macular Dystrophy. Googled it and it's scary but don't know waht to do yet. Plan to get the records sent from Emory to my personal doctor who I trust, so he can give me his opinion. The folks at Emory are not really involved in helping me understand. "We were asked to see if you had Mac degeneration or not, and you do not". So I'll let my doc help me understand.

The MD though is NOT the cause of my eye sight loss. The theory by Emory is that I am having some sort of non-headache migraine. They want me to see a neurologist. My primary care doctor instead of giving me a referal gave me meds, that after reading through the paperwork, I do not want to take.

I kid you not - one side effect of the medicine is blurred vision!!!!!!!!! I don't really know what he was thinking, but that was my signal to find a new PCP. :-)

Anyway, my word this week is ANCHORING! It has really helped me a lot.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! My baby is bridging tonight from Junior Girl Scouts to Cadets. I'm so proud!

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TGIF & Rabbit, Rabbit!!!!!!!!

I've started the journal again. Leaving the office @ 2pm and heading for grocery store. Back to the basics that work for me. Also going to open up the WW cookbook and plan for some great meals. DH can afford to lose about 10 pounds, so it's a new chapter for me.

QOD: What's up for the weekend? DH is going fishing after work tonight, so I thought I'd go through some filing and watch a chick flick or two. Saturday we are expecting rain (Suzanne, maybe you get it next!), so there goes my plans for more yard work. Sunday will be def be yard work; we need to start improving our sorry-@ss lawns.

Make today count!

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Hi Marita! Welcome :) I can understand feeling like a slug and being disappointed in myself. I don't know much about the SB diet- I just count calories and exercise as much as I can, but I really hope it works for you. Winter can really pack on the pounds!

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Welcome Marita too! ANYONE can join us on ANY diet - we're all in this together.

Trekaren I am sorry to hear about your eye problem. Best of luck to you tackling this.

Weekend plans for me - practice driving, some work at home, housework and a little gardening.

I think I'm starting to shift weight around because my clothes are fitting a little more comfortable. No huge spike on the scale but I feel it if that makes sense.

Happy Friday,

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Hi Guys! Welcome MARITA!!!!!! Yeah, we're all starting to work on our "winter weight." ---so come, come, join us!

Okay, Suzanne~ I'm singing and bringing rain! All my old Indian Alaskan dances and chants are coming back to me---SERIOUSLY. Although most of them involved sun, I will express thanks to the sun (so-la) and plea for rain for the NE! (kawln-whe so-la) "End the sun." - yeah?

I am headed to pack up my house, drawers and cupboards, and the house inspection is on Monday. This could be"IT" --I am so hoping we sell it and get out from under the house, water,gas, and electric payments--a LOT of buck-a-roos will be saved!

McPeg- practice driving? Do tell. Glad the therapist is going well.


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BJ - how nice I stop by and see you shouting for me. You make me feel loved. I am crossing my fingers for you and the inspection on Monday.

Suzanne - thanks for the email, it is nice to be missed. We had rain yesterday and this morning. Boy do we need it.

Marita - of course you are welcome to join us. Welcome!

Trekaren - I hope all works out with your eye issue. Keep us updated.

McPeg - good to see you posting too. I was just about to post asking where you have been.

Jan - droopy drawers - you are making us look bad. Congrats on your loss - you are an inspiration to me.

Milkdud - you sound as busy as ever.

Silversword - It is nice to be able to walk to the store especially in your beautiful CA weather.

I am involved in an Adirondack Chair auction and although it is a lot of fun it has been consuming all my "free" time. I just hung all my paintings in my friends barn gallery and I am organizing our July sidewalk art show. The Chamber of Commerce has had meetings every week since I became a director and I am gearing up at work for the summer season, so that is where I have been.

Our friends from FL just arrived and we will be doing dinner tonight and hopefully get a boat ride in at some point over the weekend, although the temps aren't suppose to go past the 60's.

I will try not to be a stranger.

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Oh Raeanne, how thoughtless of me. I don't consider what it must be like to have snow and ice. That would really put a hamper on my weight loss. My body would be craving warm, fattening things and I wouldn't be able to walk them off!!!

Forgive me?

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Hi BJ!
Good luck on your house sale.
As for the driving, I took a course in fall 2007 and drove until the weather got bad and stopped. Last summer I drove a bit but stopped after my Mom died and never got back to it. We have a graduated license system in Ontario Canada (good thing too). I cannot drive without a licensed driver beside me. I want to take the next test and graduate from a G1 level to G2. At G2 you can drive on your own but are restricted not to drive on our 400 highways (major highways/expressways). I can drive on the smaller highways that are 2 lanes. I stay at that restricted level for 1 year and then I can take the final level test for G - fully licensed driver. It is a much safer system and I like it because I don't take on more than I can handle.

I really just getting back on my feet now after my Mom's passing and my suicide attempt last summer. It's been a long haul but I'm getting back on track and looking towards a future again. Mental health issues are a pain in the butt, I tell ya.

Hugs to everyone, I have to get back to work on this machine. Can't charge for time I don't work.

Happy Friday evening!

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Silversword - I won't hold it against you LOL. You are so right about craving comfort foods in the cold weather. My DD lives in San Diego and she rubs it in all the time about her great weather.

McPeg - I never knew of all the driving restrictions. I am so happy you are getting back on track. It is a long road, but you certainly have made great strides.

Dee - what did DH do about that tic bite?

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

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Great Saturday for me, doing a little 'work' online, a little housework and got to drive to the grocery store (poor Dave - more gray hair I'm afraid....I don't make turns until "I" feel comfortable making them)...

cleaning out the veggies in the fridge and making soup from last years frozen tomatoes, chicken broth, celery, carrots, onion and red lentils. It's simmering now. Once it's all done I'll double check the spicing and then take my little hand held whizzer and puree it for this week. I'm doing all I can to get more veggies and fruit in my eating habits. I get lazy and now I'm finding that I feel better, my skin is starting to clear up more.

Is anyone planning ahead for next week? I'm trying!

LOL to everyone,

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I know Sunday's are usually a slow day for posting, but thought some of you might be interested in a good deal, especially for a possible Mother's Day gift.

We had company for the weekend, so my friend loves going to our Tuesday Morning to shop. She says ours is so much better than hers. Anyway, she suffers with foot pain (plantar fasciitis (sp?) and spotted these rather wild print (green and black tiger design) shoes. We both slipped a pair on and almost wore them out of the store, they felt that good. They are Ciccia Pods and regular/retail price is $48; Tuesday Morning's price $9.99! The TPR sole makes it where you can wear outside as well as a house shoe. They had several different designs and I'm thinking of picking up a pair for my mother - she will get a kick out of the bright, wild look they have, but will also enjoy the comfort they provide.

If you have a Tuesday Morning nearby, check it out.

Hope everyone's weekend has been a good one. Had a lot of fun, but did not track what I ate or drank - did walk for a good hour though yesterday, so hope I sweated out some of my imbibed calories!

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Here's a picture and description of these slippers/shoes:

Here is a link that might be useful: Ciccia Pods

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