Plasma TV of Gas Insert Safe?

dutchhomeApril 15, 2007

We would like to install a 42" plasma TV above a natural gas fireplace insert. We are specifically looking at the Mendota D40 insert which has a BTU range of 6,500-40,000. Having no experience with gas inserts, we are concerned that heat from the insert may damage the TV. Has anyone attempted a similar arrangement? I'm trying to figure out if this set-up would leave us with a melted TV and more importantly, create a fire hazard.

Thanks for any experience/help you can share with us!

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The heat probably won't damage the Plasma, but since the Plasma TV's generally run hot anyway, the additional heat may cause the unit to shut down. Also it depends if that fireplace shoots the heat out toward the room with a fan or if it just rises up the wall from the fireplace.

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