Advice for husband buying embroidery machine

happyhubbyAugust 12, 2005

My wife let me know she needed a new sewing machine for her upcoming birthday by having me toss her old broken machine in the dumpster.

I'd like to get her a machine that she can sew and do some basic embroidery on. She's a novice when it comes to sewing and I need to stretch my dollar wisely. She told me she thought if we bought a machine that could do some basic monogramming and designs we could make christmas and birthday presents etc...

I'm hoping to stay around/under $500 and buy something over the web since we live in a remote town (no shopping malls within a 150 miles).

Any advice ladies?


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The cheaper machines have a 4"X4" field. Trying to rehoop for larger designs or placement of more letters is not easy to realign. I suggest going to a dealer & maybe getting one that was traded in on an updated &/or better machine. You may get some lessons thrown in on the deal. My brother got one that only has a 4X4 area & his wife has used it very few times. She sees what mine does & gets aggervated by the limitations of hers. Her's is an embroidery only unit too. Do some homework before even spending $500

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One of the problems is that the closest dealer is at least 75 miles away, so I'm probably going to opt for an online purchase.

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Check with they have good prices and don't charge any shipping and no taxes. You usually get merchandise in about 3 to 4 days.

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Remember also that with online buying you don't get any up close and personal classes that you get when you buy from a local dealer.It might be worth th 75 mile trip!! Make a day of it,buy a machine,go out to lunch or dinner,plus the store will show her how to use the machine.JMO

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My first post didn't appear. You may want to check out the Singer CE100 or CE200 as they have a bigger stitch field 4 1/2 x 6 3/4 and are combo machines around your price range. Also if you buy on line or even if you go through a dealer, join a yahoo group for your machine as they are always tremdous help. I've heard many times but not always the case that the dealer doesn't know all that much. You're really lucky if you get a great dealer. I know sometimes we live so far out that the ones available are not always the good ones. But having a yahoo group that knows the machine really helps out.

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I don't recomend buying on line. My husband bought me the Brother PE 150 on ebay. Don't get me wrong. I like the machine except for the limited 4 x 4 inch design area. I wish it did larger designs. hands on personal lessons. It did come with a dvd and a manual, but I am a person who needs more instruction than that. I learn much better hands on with someone to walk me thru things. I really wish we had spent the extra money and gone to a dealer who would have provided some classes to go with the machine. Also, if you at least visit a dealer before deciding which machine to buy, it will give you a better idea of what is out there and what you will like best for what you can spend. Even if you eventually decide to buy on line.


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The problem with buying online is classes. A good friend brought a Designer online and the local Viking dealer will not give her lessons even if she pays for them. So check with the dealer. I have a 1+ with the 4x4 field and love it. I have made tshirts with many logos on it for golf teams and bands. You need to make yourselves happy for you will be the one to use the machine. I have another friend that got the White embroidery machine and she loves it. Like me she only does stuff for herself, friends and family. Also some dealers will let you trade up using all moneys spent off the higher machine. If you go online call and ask a local dealer if there is a way to take classes that way you will be able to use the machine to its fullest potential. Find online site for the machine...Yahoo has many; but most of all make yourselves happy. The Yahoo site has members that answer questions and help each other, just like this one does. Happy shopping.

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you will only be happy if you have classes to help you do great work and get the most for your money..The classes are so wonderful and informative.......better than going to a doctor, and less expensive.Chris....and remember"mama ain't happy..........ain't nobody happy"!

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Hi, I just recently purchased the Brother SE-270D. I am a beginner to both sewing and embroidery. It does both and has been very easy to learn on. It is very inexpensive - I paid $439 for the machine and PED Basic (software & memory card to manage the designs you download) on ebay after shipping. It has the 4x4 embroidery area, but you can purchase a larger hoop as an accessory. It comes with some designs loaded on it and you can download designs online. Many places have free downloads. She can always upgrade to a better machine if she really gets into the embroidery :)

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You are going to have to budget more than $500...and that's just for the machine--machine embroidery is not a cheap hobby. You also have to purchase needles, stabilizers, extra hoops and bobbins, machine embroidery/bobbin thread, a good sturdy work table, a good work light for task lighting, the extra computer programs, some good sewing texts, and storage space to store all this accumulation.

I can totally agree with purchasing from Allbrands once you do your research at all the manufacturer's sites. You do get more bang for your buck with a combination sewing and embroidery pay more and get more.

If you get a Singer CE100 or 200 (has more decorative stitches), you have to buy the additonal monogram module for around $100. It has only one font for lettering and that's courier. This machine is also computer dependant for the embroidery end of the machine...hook up to the computer and computer controls the machine so you will have to have a dedicted free USB port plus you can use the computer for other things while the machine is running until you get to a color stop, and have to switch back to the embroidery program. The high end XL line runs around $3,000 or more and get a whole lot more including sewing machine feet.

You might want to look into the Brother line. The 270 line is relatively inexpensive..if it has a D after it, it has built in Disney designs and the only machine that can embroider out the Disney designs unless the get the Taste of Disney card that runs around $80 for the non Brother machine. It also does a nice job embroidering.

Janome makes some nice machines as does Sears Kenmore (Janome makes their machines).

The problem with Husqvarna Viking is that everything is properitary and expensive...the one thing that kept me away from the other brand foot will fit their machines...the other brands can use generic low bar feet.

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