JVC 48 inch widescreen rear projection hdtv, pop & smoke powering

webmarekApril 26, 2009

Hi, I got a free TV that some lady game to me. I want to fix it for myself and use it for my kids for gaming. It is a 2006 model (nearly 2007 by month) JVC AV-48P776 1080i with HDMI input. She said she paid $3200 dollars for it when she bought it brand new. I do not know much about TV's but I know some things already. Impossible to find almost any help with this model on the internet, I do know that I can get every single part from JVC directly as well as other electronics stores on the internet. She said, she was watching it and then it just died one day. This is what the TV does: press the power button, hear a two step click/pop from the back, then I smell burnt electronics, the power light flashes and then finally stops flashing, the screen never powers on. TV does this every single time it is unplugged from the wall and plugged in again. Also, friend TV repair guy who repairs TV's everyday came two days ago to look at it and checked all the boards with a multimeter, power supply board, fuses and finely concluded that is likely the DEF&CONVERGENCE board part # SSR-2010A-M2, but he couldn't find any damage on the board and I couldn't either, the click/pop and smoke seemed to definitely be coming from this board, yet we can not see what part on this board the mysterious smoke is coming from when it is powered on. He concluded in the end that it is most likely the high voltage transformer (part # QQH0179-002). It is a black plastic covered piece about 3" H 2" wide, with 2 red wires coming out of it, one thick the other much thinner. I have that whole board taken out. I'm basically posting to see if anyone has any experience to know whether I should just get the HVT ($78) or the whole board which is nearly $200 dollars. He suggests to get the whole board "just in case" other parts are bad on it, but then again there is no other visible damage to any other part on this board and he's not the one who's going to be paying for it, so I'm sure he doesn't really care much. Any input much appreciated!! Thank you so much for reading.

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Sorry, forgot to say the HVT sits on the DEF&CONVERGENCE board, so it is just one part of that whole board.

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