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mxyplxApril 24, 2007

We get intermitent bursts of audio static which also shows on the screen as very small light bursts. More or less on one station or another (somewhat less on the stronger stations). Generally during mid day. Sometimes worse than others. Sometimes its impossible to keep watching because the sound (voices) get interupted too much. May go many days w/o happening. This may last a few minutes or a few hours. Picture seems unaffected.

CRT TV. Thru-the-air signal. Antenna is in the garage rafters so wind can't shake it. Nothing driving by. Nobody walking by. Nearest neighbor house is about 100 feet away. Can't correlate it with weather.

Seems to me it must be from an external source because we've turned off every thing in the house.

What should I look for? Will it damage the TV?

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TV interference can be very difficult to diagnose and it could be coming from many sources.

If I had to make a wild guess, based on your simple description, I might suggest your problem could be caused by "power line" interference. It typically shows up as random/intermitant lines (dots and dashes) running through the picture and (if it is bad) "static" also coming through the TV audio (in sync with the video 'noise'). Usually this type of electrical interference is worse on lower channels (2-6) and starts to fad out (decrease) for the higher channels.

One way to help verify this is to listen to an AM radio tuned to a not-too strong station and see if you can hear the static in the radio when you see the problem on your TV.

If you can coordinate the problem on the radio TV it is a good indicator the problem may be coming from a faulty 'power line', probabaly somewher close to your neighborhood. Powerline interference bad enough to disrupt TV and radio signals is usually caused by loose or cracked insulators, loose connecting hardware on te powerline, bad lighening arrestors or silly things like a piece of chain or wire thrown over a high voltage line. Often times powerline interference is worse on a dry, windy day. (Interestingly/surprisingly when it rains this type of interference often STOPS becasue the electrical arcing is reduced due to the slightly improved conductivity of the water which reduces the electical arcing!)

If you can confirm the interference may be coming from the powerline you may be able to (hopefully) get some help from your local power utility.

Good luck.

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