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marci_paApril 16, 2004

Good Morning!

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[[[[[[[[[[[[NH SUZANNE'S SISTER]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] Saying prayers that everything works out OK for her.

Where are all of you? Hope you are well and enjoying some good weather if you are in the Northeast. It finally stopped raining here...3-4 days of downpour. I was sick of it,but grateful for no more snow!!

Enjoy the weekend! I'm going to try to get my mind off DH's bloodwork and find some fun stuff to do with my niece who will be visiting me tomorrow for the day.

Gotta fly! My laptop was "migrated" onto some new system here, and it's just not working correctly. Go figua...corporate stuff.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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WOW! Where is everyone????? Looks like you and me again Dee!

DeeMarie, it will be nice for you to have the distraction of not thinking about DH blood work. I am feeling so sorry for my sister. I would be so freaked out if I knew I had this "thing" growing inside of me and no real answers until next THURSDAY! Oh man it must be awful. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers for her.

My friend who moved down to the Cape (about 3+ hours away) came to visit last night. She was up doing some farrier work for someone nearby. Anyway, we hitched Sweet Pea up and took her for a nice drive. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and evening. We got back in at 7:30 and it was still light! It was a lovely time.

I have to go to a horse show today but I am only making an appearance and a quick disappearance! It's too nice to hang around an arena today. I need to get out and ride.

I hope we hear from alot of people this weekend. It's getting to be like a ghost town around here.

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Hi DeeMarie and NH Suzanne!!! I am here too. I had to clean the house after work yesterday and then meet friends for dinner. It is beautiful here today, but I work until 4PM and then I get ready for our winetasting tonight. I can't wait!

NH Suzanne - I will send positive thoughts and prayers to your sister. That is frightening! I wish you were just a little closer and could join us tonight, I know you would have a good time.

DeeMarie - It could be something like high cholesterol that the Dr. wants to talk to him about and I do agree that they make more money by having you come in. In the meantime, I will keep you and DH in my thoughts and prayers.

Marci - when I saw tweety yesterday, that was exactly how I felt LOL. Thanks for making me smile.

BJ - hope all went well on Thursday, let us know. Love ya!

My landscapers actually showed up - only 2 days late, but they did a great job - we had some fallen trees and branches that needed clearing, as well as getting rid of a lot of underbrush. Now I have a bet with DH on how long their equipment will be hanging around! LOL

Patti - where are you??? Hope you and Dave are doing well.

SusieQ - are you still with us?

Myrna - if you are lurking, send me an e-mail and give me an update.

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I'm here too!

NHSuzanne: HUGS, again! Man, you haven't gotten a break lately in the stress dept! With regard to your sis, my sister had a grapefruit-size fibroid removed from her ovary. It had completely engulfed the outside of her ovary. It was harmless and she remains in excellent health, with no other similar occurance in over 10 years. I hope your sis has the same experience. The medical field has advanced so much now that there are many options in treatment, depending on what she is dignosed with. Keep a positive attitude and take care of yourself. She may need your strong and capable attitude to help her through whatever is in her future, whether it be a surgery or something more. You will be her rock and we will be your positive light to come to. ((((((LEAN ON YOUR FRIENDS))))))))

Raeanne: I'm doing laundry today and tomorrow. I have so much to do, as I have been spent 2 days helping friends this week and it put me pretty far behind in my duties---worth every minute though! I'm headed to weigh in at WW today. Then, I'm home to do a brutal clutter reduction in my office, then a bike ride to clear my senses!

DH and I haven't had our discussion, but are going to tonight. He has had a lot of studying to do, so we re-scheduled. We had a wonderful dinner last night at an Italian place and then went to a local free concert of Michael Powers, a jazz guitarist. Very good player!

DeeMarie: The new healthcare laws do not prohibit docs from giving results over the phone to the patient. My guess is there may be a blip on the blood test that the doc wants to talk about in person with your DH to make a larger, more personal impact. I believe (and I'm just hanging an opinion here) that if it was VERY serious, the doc would not wait to share the info. As the others here indicated, if his cholesterol or something else is off, the doc may want to share the health risks and ideas for a diet plan to improve the circumstances. I am not of the opinion that docs have special appts to make more money; it would be terribly unethical; maybe I have been living in a fantasy land tho'! lol. ((((((HUGS AND SECURE FEELING ARE GOING YOUR WAY, SIS))))))


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I'm back from Weight Watcher weigh-in and down 3 pounds! I am on lifetime status, so I weigh in once every 3 weeks or so, but YAY! I am happy. Having a food diary on has been a great help!

NHSuzanne: You horse ride sounds fun! Enjoy the day.

Raeanne: My deck is done! I'll have to shoot a pic of it and send it along! I love the new deck. The landscapers STILL have not come back. I'll call and sweetly ask for a timeline schedule---at least I put an add-on in the contract that says the whole thing has to be done by June 20 or they have to pay for another company to do it!---that's some peace of mind!

JOHN! The job! What happened????? Did you get it?

Marci: I LOVE THE TWEETY!!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE! It did make me think of coffee, though, so I went and bought some and made a cup! yum. There is a Russian Monastery on an island near here and they are selling coffee to support a building program. The coffee is DELISH! It's called Monastery Blends. They also have a tea line called Orthodox Monk's Teas. Just reading about them is interesting. So, pull up a chair, make a cuppa decaf, and take in some other-world living..... :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Vashon Monks

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Happy Saturday everyone!

Just had a houseful of assorted ladies leave---my niece, my GF, her daughter, my stepdaughter....lots of noise, but now it's quiet!! My niece and I were making a batch of cookies, but no one took any, so I'm left with all of them. Gonna put them right into the freezer, 'cause I already ate about 4 points worth (and I don't even LIKE cookies!) LOL!!!!

It's a beautiful day here; if DH was home, I'd drag him out to walk around the lake. There are soooo many people taking a stroll today; I love watching them in anticipating of warmer weather. We deserve it after such a horrible, cold winter.

SIL called and wants us to go out to a casual dinner with them (she's babysitting her granddaughter). If we go, I'm gonna tell her I'd like to hit a spot that serves veggie burgers, because I've only got about 15 points left today, and I don't want to use flex points today.

Did 3 loads of laundry today ladies! Fit it in with all the interruptions, so I'm feeling good about myself!

DH says he's going fishing tomorrow, so I may take the ride with my GF's daughter and take my niece back home (2 hours away). It's such a lovely weekend, that it will be nice to see my sister and hang out in the sun.

I've decided to let the doctor appointment anxiety rest, and enjoy the weekend. I pray that whatever it is, is fixable, and I'll go from there. If it's serious, I'll be the best nurse in the world. That's all I can do for now.

OK, everyone is charged with checking in next week....if not, we'll come looking for each and every one of you!!!

Marci, thanks so much for cute!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Well, it's nearly 8 o'clock on Sunday morning here in the Emerald City and I just finished an 8-mile bike ride. It took me about 45 minutes to complete. I live inside a wooded bridle trail state park, so I took in the birds chirping, horse, pasture, and barn sights and smells and the muted sounds of the park. The bike trail is mostly paved, with a few tree roots invading the paving. There are some patches of gravel, making for a few bumps, but mostly, it's a hilly, smooth ride. I really get some interval training going through all the gear switches, but at least I've finally worked up to this. I've been riding around my local neighborhood for many weeks trying to build the aerobic endurance to start peddling up and down hills and out of the area. Anyway, you can tell I'm jazzed.

Today, I'm delivering the ceramic pieces from the party---they're so cute and personal!

Then I'm going to try and tackle my gardening mess out in the garage, purge a lot of storage junk, and organize the space a little more. I really want to rip the tool bench out, since we never use it, and eventually, I just might get around to that! I use tools in the house, not in the garage!

Laundry is still mountain-sized, but the put-away pile shows the progress of clean laundry happening! I am spending part of the day fulfilling my goal of getting everything laundry-related stowed in the proper places.

If I have time, I neeed to throw up some wire fencing for a temporary dog enclosure off the side of my house. The landscaper has taken out the dog run and I need someplace to keep the dog for short periods of time.

Whew! I'd better get going! My plate's pretty full! See you later!

Deemarie~ Hope you did okay on the points front at dinner!

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Raeanne~ SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo, how was the wine tasting party???????????????????? Recovered yet??????

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