what would you do? sony tv trouble

marc_iaApril 19, 2010

We bought a Sony 46" flat screen about five months ago. It has just quit working. A Sony tech talked with my husband on the phone and he decided that a part needed to be ordered. He said it would come in in a couple days and someone would come to fix it. It is three weeks later and after calls to the store (and good friend who is the salesman) I finally got a call from a Sony person who said it is very unusal but now the part is on backorder till mid JUNE !! What would you do? I told her that was unacceptable and she understood and said we could talk to the store where we purchased it. The salesperson is a very good friend and I hate to cause a problem but....would you ask for a new replacement TV? That is what I want to do ,but don't know if I should.

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Yes I would definitely ask to have it replaced! Friend or not, this is purely business. It's not as if you haven't made a good-faith effort to go the route of repairing it.

Otherwise you're going to miss the finale of "LOST" and that in my book is totally unacceptable!!!

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Thanks, Kashka I love your sense of humor. We have watched Nascar races and the Stanley cup hockey games etc on a 22" tv. After being spoiled with the 46"HDTV its frustrating. Thanks for your thoughts.

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You can try that route, but in the end, it's what the warranty says that matters.

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