spouse thinks we can get phone, isp and tv....

albert_135April 22, 2008

Spouse thinks we can get phone, ISP and TV all from the same provider on one contract at one price.

I don't get any junk mail touting such a package.

Is she delusional or are my junk mail providers failing me?

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I could forward all my junk mail to you ... :)

Yes, depending on location...
If you have cable TV now... or in a major city DSL from the phone company...

there are alternatives to cable's phone plan...
If you have hi-speed internet, you can get an unlimited LD calls for about $29.95 / year ($1.75 / month)
from http://www.magicjack.com/1/index.asp

Your speech volume may be low to the other caller.... they may be working on that, it's a new start-up company.

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Pooh Bear

My local phone co-op does that. It's called Triple Play.
I already get phone, cable, and internet thru them.
They are in the process of changing subscribers over to it.
I still get the old analog cable because my TiVo won't
work with the new digital system they use. I have to wait
until my TiVo contract runs out before I can drop it.
I'll probably change over to Dish Network or Direct TV.
The co-op's system doesn't have DVR capability yet.

Pooh Bear

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Time Warner does it here - aren't they a huge company? Cable internet, digital phone and cable tv all from one provider. Basically one price - but that does depend on your tv cable package.

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Also, read the fine print, some of TW's All The Best package isn't "all the best".
The internet d/l speed may be different in each package.
It could be anywhere from 768k to 7 MB.

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