New TV in but some channels snowy

tabbaldwinApril 8, 2007

We are now the proud parents of a 70" Sony KDS-XBR2 and Onkyo receiver, Definitive speakers, HD tuner/DVR. All I can say is "WOW!" However, the TV's reception of the lower channels (from "regular" cable plan) is terrible. The digital ones are okay (and of course, the HD ones are terrific).....but why the snow/poor reception on the lower cable channels? We do have the cable split after it gets into the house, but I put a cable amplifier on the line leading to the HDTV--still not any better. I can't give it the "best" line or my broadband connection is degraded such that it's about unusable. Would 2 cable amps be better--one before the splitter and then one after the splitter (on the line leading to the HDTV)?

The Cable Guy is coming out this week--hopefully he'll have some idea for us short of running a totally new line.



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There is definitely a weak signal in the cable system in your home. A good tech should be able to troubleshoot and give you acceptable picture quality on all channels.

I'd wait on any more amplifiers until your system is tested.

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I had the cable company come out....discovered some leaks in the signals. They replaced a few connections and it all cleared up. All channels good to great now!

Now I can take the amps back to the store.

Thank you.

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Many times those leaks are found at the connectors that are crimped onto the end of the coaxial cable. It can be easy to pull the cable loose from the connector.

I've seen them "repaired" just by shoving the cable back into the connector.
I've seen them "repaired" with electrical tape.

Also, too many splitters can cause picture issues.

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