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angel_037June 14, 2006

I have written before about our neighbors and there loud music and trashy yard. They finally cleaned up there garbage bags which there were over 30 trash bags in there yard. Now there building up more again by there fence. I constantly have to clean up my front yard because there kids throw there garbage in our yard and this time was a piece of ceremic glass. Last week they threw rocks on our front porch in which there father yelled at them and told the oldest to clean it up because she lied to me about who did it. Everyday there is something in our yard to clean up. Getting tired of it. I have never in my life met or had neighbors this trashy before. Kids are always into everything and the parents never mind them, there dog chews up there whole house and they dont mind him. I hate living in a rowhome and wish we could go back to apartment living. I wish I went on the house check before we bought it. Only my fiance did and I told him he should of known when he saw there house and yard how it was going to be. But to late now. I like kids but there kids are horrors and disrespectful and that is because the parents taught them that. The parents on this street would hand there kids over to just about anyone and a couple blocks away are child offenders and it does not phase any of them. This is a wake up call to me and when me and my fiance can do it, we are moving to N.Carolina as soon as we can afford to. Sorry for such a long post but just needed to vent out a bit. Soon, I am gonna run out of patience and give to my neighbors the same respect they show us, NONE!!! thanks for reading.

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I can relate, we live in a row house too. But, I have to admit - our neighbors are nothing compared to yours.
I have lived in rowhouses all my life, so I know from experience, check it out before you move! AND what you see in the winter isn't what you see in the summer! Summer brings out all the worst!
Do your neighbors rent or own? I would call the Board of Health if there is trash all over. Call L&I (license & inspection) If the dog is out at all hours report them to the SPCA or Humane Society. Check out all available resources that you can call & report them.
Could you put up a (cheap)fence so you don't have to look at them? I would also put out some roach traps so their trash doesn't start drawing "things"
There is nothing worse than living in close proximity to ignorant slobs.
You have my sympathy. Pray that they move!
Good Luck!
PS DO NOT BUY A HOUSE WITHOUT CHECKING IT YOURSELF. NEVER TRUST A MAN! They are looking for different things than women! LOL

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Hi. Thank You for your post. We have complained to everyone except the Mayor in which he is next. As for the dog, they do not even care about him and from what there kids say, there getting rid of him, trying to sell him. They have no respect, none of them. Yes, you're right, lol, I should of never left it up to just him to look at the YIKES!!!, How I wish I did. Basically, it is them and the house next to them. Our other neighbors are great. But I do plan on writing the landlord again. The town better do something soon. They will get tired of us sooner or later and do something about it themselves. There grass is up past waist too. Anyways, there blasting there music now. I cant wait to go to work thats just horrible that I would rather go to work then be home where I enjoy being until now:(. Well, ty again. kim

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