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sew_clueless_emb2July 1, 2008

I am wondering what different "types" of thread I can use. I know there is machine embroidery thread. What I am wondering is can I use machine quilting thread to embroider? Polyester serger thread? Mettler? Silk? I was at our five and dime and they carry some notions. They only carry gold or silver in machine embroidery thread sheesh! The sales lady said I could use any of the others, that I listed, and that is why they don't carry what I was asking for. Before making a purchase I thought I would check with the experts. Thanks for the help it's greatly appreciated. P.S. I have a Brother SE 350 if that is of importance.

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Another P.S. I found a thread on line called Color Twist Poly Thread is that a thread I can use? Thanks again for any and all help!

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You should use a very fine thread (40 or 50 wt) for machine emb. so that the designs are not too dense. You can use thread made of any fiber; it just needs to be fine. Rayon is shiny but not very strong; some polyesters are shinier than others, but I think poly can melt when ironing it. Cotton will make a design with a matte finish.

You could always buy a spool of each type and experiment with them...see if you like it.


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Yes, you can use the color twist but I don't think you would want to use that all the time since it has two colors twisted together. I think that you need to look at your projects and decide what type of thread you want. The only designs I've used the twist thread on is my sock monkey designs.

I have an assortment of rayon and polyester thread. I want to purchase some DMC cotton embroidery thread to try some heirloom designs. I've had good luck with Marathon thread. I also bought lots of WonderFil and Hilos Iris polyester thread while at the Chicago quilt show. So far, those brands are doing the job for me. The Viking store that I shop at has Sulky and RA rayon threads. So I do use rayon also.

If you are a beginner, you will probably read that everyone has a preference or should I say their machines have a preference on which thread is used. I have heard differing opinions on the ThreadArt Thread. But honestly, I don't remember if it had to do with embroidery thread or quilting thread.

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I have a Brother machine, the Innovis 2500D. I only use machine embroidery thread on my machine 40 weight. I prefer polyester for it's durability but have a few spools of rayon as well. Polyester will not fade and withstands ironing better than rayon. However, you should never place a very hot iron directly on your embroidery design--always use a press cloth. I can tell you the thread brands my machine does not like--Coats & Clark, Sulky, and Floriani. I have tried just about every brand of polyester thread out there and I get the best results with Madeira, Isacord, Marathon. I prefer Madeira because their polyneon, which is their polyester, has more sheen than most other polyester threads. You can order these online and some sites offer free shipping. For the bobbin, you must use special thread that is made for an embroidery machine bobbin. You can wind your own or buy the pre-wound ones. I personally love the pre-wound bobbins. I use FilTec Clear Glide class 15 in my machine.

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Thank you flameon58 and maryanne12 for your help, I guess my thread will be purchased online. I love supporting my local businesses, but I also love saving money and I have seen the prices online are much less than the five and dime. I ordered a set of 26 poly thread from Radiant Thread for $24 shipping incl. It didn't say the brand tho, so I hope my machine likes it. Thanks again for your time and help.

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We ( swear by madiera thread, although we use just about every brand. I don't know what the minimum quantity that you have to buy is, but, i bet you could go by a local embroidery shop and just buy some from their inventory. Local shops are always wanting to sell of what they don't think they can use. I hope this suggestion is helpful!

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