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jspeachyn5April 7, 2008

Hello all, I,m from the ozark forum, but am having a big problem. ok maybe not big to you but huge to me. I have a sylvania 27" #SRT2227S. Then I purchased a Memorex MVD4544. So I would only have one machine. Any way I have read and reread this booklets and can not figure out (and I have tried) how to them so I can watch a movie and later recore my program. I have it hooked up as... the rca jacks from the memorex out to the sylvania rca jacks in on the back. I have tried 2 sets of jacks hook up in back and front I don't know I am about to throw this thing out and go back to my 2 separate machines I had hooked up before. PLEASE help me. I know the front jack is the main one have tried to hook both front jacks on each togather still nothing. what am I doing wrong. And before you ask yes I do push the game/video button to watch a movie. I also tried this to recored. but also how would I change the channel to recored?

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Antenna or Cable box OUT to> INPUT of DVD/VCR


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Sorry I forgot to say... their is no place to plug in the antenna/cable. The dvd/vcr has a video IN on front for video 2, and video IN on back for video 1. My TV has this as well and has a place to plug in the antenna/cable.

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aahhh.. the Memorex MVD4544 is not a recorder, only a DVD player and a VCP player

Memorex MVD4544

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I'm sorry but the manual say right on the front as well as the box DVD/CD/VCD/MP3/PHOTO CD Player and Video Cassette recorder.

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OK, in that case you'd connect your cable box VIDEO output > into the 3 front VIDEO IN on the MVD4544.

Connect the MVD4544 rear VIDEO OUT > into the TV Video IN

also: the MVD4544 manual mentions it has an antenna/cable input for the VCR

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