Help with my Flat Screen TV Remote

Peter.H.2060April 10, 2014

Sorry for this post being so long, but I feel the details might help a member diagnose my problem. I have a Panasonic Flat Screen Plasma TV. I signed up for Netflix. Rather than run cable wire from my Computer to the TV, I used a wireless LAN adapter that receives signal from the internet router in my basement. Panasonic uses a program called VeraCast to assess Netflix. It comes programmed into many of their TV's and Blue Ray players. When I first set it up, some of the movies would play in letterbox mode, and not wanting to create burn in on the screen of my Plasma TV, I tried to adjust the screen size with the TV remote. It would not work. I then switched the LAN adapter, to my Panasonic Blue Ray Player, which is also connected to my TV. When I want to watch Netflix, I turn on the TV,,set it to HDMI 2,,turn on the Blue Ray Player, and I receive the movies through Veracast. I found by viewing this way, I can set the screen size to whatever I want. All functions of the movie, Stop, Pause, FF, etc, all work with the Blue Ray Player remote. If needed, screen size is set with the TV remote. OK, now, here is my problem. I recently signed up for Amazon Prime. I access movies the same way,,,through the Lan to my Blue Ray player, via VeraCast. My problem is, I cannot Stop, Pause, FF,,,or control the Amazon movie. The Blue Ray remote has no affect on the movie I am streaming. I tried the Stop, Pause, FF functions with the TV remote, and that does not work either. Any ideas on what my problem is? Its a pain watching a movie from Amazon and not being able to stop or pause it. The thing that puzzles me is that the Blue Ray remote works with all these functions with Netfilx. It seems to me it should work with Amazon, but it does not. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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