Logitech Harmony Remotes

albert_135April 2, 2010

Please share your experience with the Logitech Harmony Remotes. Yes, I know they are expensive but one claims it can even replace Dish Network remote.

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I have been using a harmony 659 for a few years now, and the worst thing that I can say about it is that I have to replace the batteries every three months: it works flawlessly and seamlessly once you know how to speak it's language to program it. The online setup works fairly well, but you have to pay attention to the details, and read ALL the question that are asked of of you in the setup process. If you understand HOW your equipment works, you'll find that the Harmony is a revelation.

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We bought a Harmony 670 when we set up our theater room. It's great! It controls our TV, DVR, surround sound receiver, DVD player. I asked the guys who set up our system what they recommended after they showed me how to use all the different remotes. I'd never remember all that, so I went out and bought what they suggested and am very happy with it.

My SIL has some sort of Sony product (Commander?) that sucks. Their audio/video guy sold it to them and they have 5 pages of notes on how to do what to the TV stuff with it. We stayed with them for 7 days one time and had to refer to the notes each time we just wanted to do something on the TV w/ satellite (we never used anything else either!). Soooo complicated. We knew we did not want that, so was glad to have the Harmony.

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Kim Komando just recommended this remote on her radio program tonight. She is pretty much on top of these things. I trust her recommendations.

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I'm having trouble making our Harmony 670 work. It's sporadic. The only command that always works is 'Off'.

Sometimes it will turn on the appropriate things; often it won't until I go through the "help" menu (which doesn't 'teach' the system anything). Sometimes the commands to 'top menu', etc. for DVD work; sometimes not.

I can NEVER change the TV input. The TV stays on whatever was last used.

We have the following hookups:

Sony Bravia TV KDL40EX500 (new)
Yamaha HTR 5460 receiver with sound surround (2001)
Toshiba SD27000 DVD player (2004)
DirecTV HR20-100S HD-DVR Satelite box (2009)
Nintendo Wii game (new)

I hate to pay $200 for someone to come out and make this work. Any advice?

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