Tablet DVD player doesn't read discs

monzamessApril 9, 2007

I have an RCA DRC620N 7" tablet-style portable DVD player. Used it in the car every morning, an hour a day, for about 7 months or so.

Current problem is, put in a disc and turn it on, disc spins up, I think I hear normal "squeaky" noises like any disc drive would make, then nothing happens for a while, then it says "NO DISC" and that's it.

I tried cleaning the lens, no effect. I tried a bunch of different discs, doesn't matter.

Any ideas on how to revive it?


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Probably needs a new laser. Check your warranty. Many RCA products have a 90 days labor 1 year parts warranty.

Have it tested and if the labor is affordable repair it. If not replace it.

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Unfortunately, lost the receipt and warranty work requires it.

However, I did revive it by forcing the read head back to the outer edge of the disc. While it was off, I just moved the head back--it seemed stuck in the center. I wouldn't do this on something that I didn't think was a lost cause anyway, and it just happened to work (for now). I guess the stepper motor was frozen up. We'll see how long it lasts now.

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