Rotating TV antenna

davestexasApril 23, 2013

Does anyone know if there are rotating TV antennas that show direction it is pointing?
Recently I bought one and once I installed it, I have no way to know which way the antenna is pointing/rotating. The seller claims there are none made capable of indicating direction at the controller.
I know 'back in the day' rotational TV antennas did show compass direction on the controller, but maybe that techinal ability is gone?
It never crossed my mind that a modern-day rotating TV antenna is not capable of indicating direction to the user. Seems crazy to me. User is supposed to go outside or in the attic to see what the direction is?
I know Ham radio operators and even CB folks used antennas that indicated direction.
Is the seller correct or just inexperienced?

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This link may help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Locating Transmitters

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I asked about rotational tv antennas. I know exactly the compass directions of the transmitters. Thanks

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Inexperienced? Actually, I have never seen one that didn't.

The standard "go to" antenna rotator - the Channel Master CM-9521A has it as a digital compass display. Also, all the RCA/Philips/Misc clones have a digital compass display - as far as I know.

However, the "back in the day" motor driven compass displays are a thing of the past - although if you found one, it would probably still be working - they were built like tanks.

What brand and model of antenna rotator did you purchase?

Here is a link that might be useful: Channel Master Rotator

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Since the digital conversion I've had a square grid directional antenna in the attic. I purchased a lava motorized antenna. It does a good job as a directional type, but having a motor is useless as far as i'm concerned.
Have a different/better omni-dirctional on the way that should arrive Thurs/Fri. spectrum100 type
What started all my antenna sluthing was wanting to get a better signal from our local Fox station. Thinking the motorized antenna would allow me to 'point' the antenna directly at 211ð for it and then back to 214ð for the others. Not knowing what the motorized antenna is doing makes my plan impossible..
I am at 702'ABMS. Fox being at 1950'abms. The local ABC,CBS, NBC stations are all on one tower at 214ð and higher than the Fox tower. Fox is 25mi, others at 20mi. All 'look down' on my location.
The 3 locals had strong signals in the 80s but the Fox was in the 50s-60s and reception was 'breaking up' too much.
Those 3ð make a huge difference in reception. With it pointing at 211ð a very stong 80 signal, but the other 3 are now into the 60s and those are 'breaking up'.....
I searched ebay for rotators and there are many. Even radio shack still has the archerotor available.
The omni type may solve the reception problem, but if it doesn't I can install it outside easy enough(maybe on a rotator, if need be) and be out of sight if the HOA spys. I didn't buy into it....the hoa was forced upon us the the original developer from back in the mid-80s.
I know there are Federal laws protecting receiving antennas but I'd rather not 'poke the bear'.....IYKWIM. I can install it on my chimney above the roofline but still be out of sight by the spys driving by the front of the house. That would give me another 5' or so too, but hopefully I won't have to do that.
The new one I recently bought does a good job picking up the OTA stations due North of me, even tho it's 'backwards' to them. Those signals went from 40 to 60+.

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You have a VERY directional antenna if 3 degrees shows significant signal changes.

Do you have room or anther antenna and an A/B switch?
Or could you afford the loss of a splitter to combine the signals (at least 3 dB?

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