Problems Philips Magnavox 9p6034c101

john420blazeApril 20, 2009

I recently changes the fluid for my CRTs. After changing the fluid, set powered on but needed converging. I attempted to use my remote to access the menu function but couldn't access the menu. After a day or so, the set stopped coming on completely, the power light comes on but nothing else. I reopened the set to see if I had put a wire back incorrectly, but didnt see where that was the case. The only wires I have that are of any question are the ones that connect to 1896 and 1895 located on the Blue CRT board, does anyone know where they connect, I have the scematics but it doesnt tell what they connect to. I've read on other forums where it could be a bad resistor and that I could check them with a digital oltimeter, but I've never used one before and need some laymans explanation on how to use it. I have already tried to contact a repair man to help with diagnosing the problem but have been told that my problem culdnt be dianosed with the $40 diagnostic fee, (which sounds asinine to me), any help would be greatly appreciated.

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time to move down

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If you bought a kit from they offer free tech support for the CRT fluid repair.

If not it sounds like you winged it which is never a good idea.

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