Embroidering with SE270D

jd_smithJuly 8, 2007

Hi.. I just got my machine yesterday and it works great for sewing, but having a problem with embroidering. It didn't come with any stablizer sheets, so maybe that's my problem, I've tried using a peice of non-stream denim (fairly light-weight) and a simple built-in design.

The problem is the thread bunches up underneath. I using red embroider thread from walmart and the embroider bobbin thread that came with the machine. It'll do a few stiches then bind up.. and leave a whole tangled glob of thread on the bottom of the fabric.

Is this just an issue of not having a stablizer sheet? I've even tried doing one stitch at a time and it does the same.

Any advice is appreciated.



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having stabiliser will help. It sounds like a tension problem. Have you got the presser foot DOWN?

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Hi... did you end up liking the SE 270 D?? I am thinking of purchasing a used one. Originally I was thinking a Brother PE150 but I think the 270D might give me more options... what are your thoughts??? (I have NO experience, just excited to start learning and creating)

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I have had that problem too. (I have same machine) It seems for me that it is either the tension is not right, or when my bobbin thread starts to get low this happens. I have ruined several items this way. Stabilizer will help a LOT too as well as something on the top. Hope this helps!

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I had that problem. I don't know about the stabilizer, but I found I was using the wrong thread cap. I have those big spools of thread and I thought I should use the big cap. The instructions are not very clear. Because the spool is smaller at the top I had to switch to the small thread cap. I have never had the problem again. Good luck!

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