Krazee Glue Disaster

CynthiaCVAJune 17, 2002

Help! An overturned bottle of Krazee Glue spilled on to my butcher block laminate countertop. When I tried to remove it, half of the bottle came off (the side facing up) but the rest stayed stuck to the countertop. As I rushed to the trash with the other part in my hand, a lot more spilled on the counter and down into the stainless steel sink where it has all dried up into a rock-hard mess. Does anybody have any suggestions re how to remove the glue and not ruin the finish on the countertop or sink? Any help would be appreciated!

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My sympathies, Cynthia. As far as your SS sink, laquer thinner will remove the stuff and shouldn't damage the sink. As far as your counter goes, I suggest trying a razor; the kind that comes in a little hand holder for scraping decals & paint off of windows is good and uses a small safety razor. Be gentle, don't deeply angle it, and see if you can gradually work the edge under the glue. Dab a LITTLE thinner on the dried glue to try to soften it first. If that doesn't work then use lacquer thinner SLOWLY and GRADUALLY to try to dissolve the stuff off, working from the top down and not getting any on the area around the stain.
Unfortunately, I am doubtful you are going to get away with no damage; I am assuming your counter is formica type, and Crazy Glue will attack that kind of plastic.

As a last thought, don't forget this is what your homeowners insurance is for; this would make a valid claim for replacing your counter.

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Is Krazee different from Super Glue? I am retired from a company that made their own brand of superglue and they also made a superglue remover. (I'm sorry, I never used either so I don't remember the brand names but I've seen the product in big stores like Lowes.)

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If your glue was a cyanoacrylate adhesive there are some solvents on the market. One that I saw was in a catalog from Highland Hardware in Atlanta, GA. It was called a CA Debonder Cat. # 14.61.38, 2 OZ., $5.99. They sell tools and supplies for woodworkers. Their order number is 1-800-241-6748, however they will answer questions for you.

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