HDTV converter boxes

wilson56rApril 14, 2008

The "coincidence" of not finding an HDTV converter box for under the $40.00 amount that you receive from the government is not so subtle to me. Does anyone know what's in the box and can you devise your own at home?

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Let's see $9.87 after coupon:

Technical Information

TV Tuning
Digital TV Receiver
Signal Conversion
Video System
All channel Tuner 2-69
Display all DTV formats
Display all multicast channels
Display program information (PSIP)
Closed-captioning for the hearing impaired

RF Input F connector
RF Output
3 x RCA Output

Basic remote control
Digital parental control

Sure you could build a simpler one of your own with about $200 worth of electronics, including a digital TV tuner & RF modulator and everything else in between and a few hours of your time...

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I have checked at all of the outlets listed with the government coupons. The cheapest price is 49.99 at Wal-Mart for a Magnovox. The other outlets (best Buy, Radio Shack, Circuit City)want 59.00; they are different brands, however, with Zenith at Circuit City and I don't recall the other ones. I am going to buy a Magnavox that will allow both analog and digital signals thru; most models do not...

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I picked up one of the $59.99 Insignia NS-DXA1 tuners from Best Buy. I used one of my two $40 coupons.

Here are some initial impressions.

The Good:
Easy to setup.
Auto Scans DTV channels
Basic on screen TV Guide
A/V and RF output
Signal meter to help aim antenna
Remote volume adjustment

The Bad:
No analog channel pass thru
No S-Video output
TV Guide doesn't advance past the next show
Remote control not back lit.

Overall Impressions:
Picture quality seems outstanding.
Very light. The box may weigh more than the unit.
Previous channel button shouldn't be at the bottom of the remote.

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