Tomtom one gps

paul21April 24, 2010

Hi, has anyone out there had any bad experiences with the Tomtom One. My wife recently bought one for me and when I turned it on there weren't any maps. I contacted Tomtom support and after a lovely experience with one of the rudest , most obnoxious people I've ever tried to explain anything to, I managed to speak to a delightful young person who understands the term " customer service " .

Anyway we worked together for over an hour and a half without being able to resolve the issue and we will try again on Monday. Apparently we have to reconfigure the device, sounds like brain surgery ! Anyone out there with similar Tomtom experiences ?????????

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tigerbangs Tom-Tom One XL has worked flawlessly for 3 years

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Thanks tigerbangs for your reply, maybe I have the one that came off the line at 4:59 p.m. on a friday ! We'll see what magic occurs this week.

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Box it back up and return it. Why beat your head against the wall?

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An update ! To sushipup I would of if I could of , but, my wife bought it as a gift from the local big box pharmacy which has a 90 day return policy and they refer malfunctioning equipment issues to the manufacturer. I called TomTom and went through a rather long process of trying to remedy the problem online , that didn't work so the unit is going back to the factory for replacement . I would have preferred a quicker solution but... one thing though , going through this morass , I dealt with a young lady , Nicki T, who was extremely patient , supportive and pleasant with an old man who didn't understand a lot of the computer jargon involved in the process. It's good to know that there are still some good ones coming along. Anyway hopefully I'll soon be able to find my way from a to z.

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Were it me I would try returning it to the retailer for some other reason than malfunctioning e.g. gift was a duplicate or some such.

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