TV Quit Working Last Night: 7P5441 C101

res88qe1April 9, 2007

This TV 7P5441 C101 was working fine I turned it off then came back later went to turn it on and the power on light was very dim when trying to turn it on and something smelled. So I took the back off and went to power on and the right side from the back circuit board about center left was like arcing around a blue like tube.

Need some help trying to repair please.


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PEE WEE Could you please help I believe it is C811 that needs to be replaced on this correct?


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I have a Philips Magnavox Model 7P5441 C101 Television and when you try to turn it on there is a wire burn smell, so I took the back panel off and look into the board and had my wife to try to power it on with the remote and there is a round ceramic disk capacitor that sparks and is burned through.

I got a magnifying glass and looked on the board and at the capacitor there is a number C811 it looks like or it could be CB11, it is the only Brown Round Ceramic disk Capacitor there on the right board when looking in from the back.

I tried to call and get a schematic but can get no one to help me, I would appreciate very much if you could help. I was going to purchase a capacitor off of the internet that looks like it but I do not want to purchase the wrong one, and also if you do not mind in which way does it go in as the side with the numbers, I think they go toward the front of the Television correct?

Please send help to my email address would you please, Thanks Again.

Thank You
God Bless

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Can anyone help me with this I want to repair the television it is a very good one and this is the only problem that has ever happened with it. I just need to know what the capacitor is and then I can get it and solder it in.


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I found one from another television the Dis Ceramic Capcitor has 330H R3L2KV

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330pf @ 2kv got 2 coming on the way

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