Removing Embroidery

mmkrzusJuly 13, 2005

Hi! I have a question: my daughter was at a horse barn where she bought a jacket embroidered with that company's logo. We have since changed barns, and I would like to remove that embroidery and hand sew or machine satin stitch (I do not have an embroidery machine) another barn's name over it. I attempted to remove the embroidery, but it is nearly impossible, very tight. Any suggestions on the best way to re-embroider? SHOULD I remove the old embroidery no matter how long it takes? CAN I embroider over it? If so, how? Thank you. Marilyn

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There is a little device that looks like an electric razor. It shaves off the stitches. I haven't been able to find the name of it, but I have seen it in sewing catalogs.

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There are a couple of brands of the razors - Peggy's Stitch Eraser is one. They're pretty expensive for one use! Do you have access to a moustache trimmer? They are the same thing, just use it upside down.

I think that removing embroidery from nylon is going to tear up the fabric, or at least leave a really noticeable place where it was. I think the patch over the current embroidery will be the best solution. Why not make a patch from obviously different material and applique it? You could make it oval or rectangular and center the new logo on it.

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peggy's stitch eraser is a highly price beard trimmer. buy an ordinary beard trimmer at walmart and trim the wrong side. eventually all the stitching will come off.

if the jacket was embroidered a while back the cloth underneath might be a brighter color.

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I have not yet tried it but Wahl's Peanut was the clipper/trimmer that was recommended to me by embroidery people.
Good Luck,

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there's probably a fabric (stabilizer) on the back of the embroidery portion. cut the stitches from the backside with sharp exacto and use tweezers. yeh, time consuming but works. usually if you can grab the bobbin thread part it comes undone quickly. then using a damp press cloth, iron over the place where you need to re-embroider, pulling gently to realign the threads of the fabric.

print what you want to embroider on a piece of paper, computer fonts!!! using temp bonding to hold in place, put on jacket and satin stitch slowly. I do a straight stitch to stabilize and then satin over it. you will also probably need the stabilizer fabric on the back. then trim the paper away, wash and there it is.
If you go with the patch, you can use the font printing/paper thing to design your new embroidery too.And I wouldn't think a patch would have to be nylon. A lot of nylon jackets have patches made of other fabrics.

And don't forget you will need a fine needle for working on nylon.

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