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nhsuzanneApril 11, 2011

Good Monday morning sunshines,

Come out, come out wherever you are! Tell us how your weekend was!

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Hi Ya!

My days are just one blurred into the next right now. Plants, plants, plants and more plants. Been surfing the net researching plants, reading news. Re-potting seedlings that are a good size now into larger cell packs to continue growing until May long weekend. I could bore you with the details but that's what I've been up to.

Oh yeah, picking up builder's debris from outside - winter came on so fast with the snow a lot of debris got buried quickly and left. Scrap pieces from siding, nails, more nails, insulation blow into trees and shrubs. Lots to clean up outside but we're getting there. Was planning to be outside today but horrific winds and rain are here. Having a hell of a time just keeping the small woodpile for convenience outside the door covered...I've given up on it.

Continuing on my maintenance - up 2 lbs today but that's from too many carbs the last few days. It will come off again - not permanent. Drinking more water (got lazy again) today. Planned a healthy dinner tonight - chicken with fresh sage (just cut back some baby plants), cauliflower and salad. DH has requested french fries (oven of course). I just take a handful (my hands are small) and kill that with ketchup.

Been kinda dull otherwise. It's Day of the Triffids in front of my windows, patio door. Front hallway tall window is hosting tomato plants that are now producing tomatoes. They're small and green right now. Indoor plants only. New tomatoes are just sprouting now for outside at end May.

Man is that wind outside unnerving. Even bugging DH. Reminds me of living in the weekend trailer for 6 months. Can't wait for the lawsuits to progress and nail people. Still have boxes around here, feeling disappointed in the house - years of killing ourselves for this dream. Dream of a home with larger bedroom - this one is actually smaller; finally having a craft room - boxes crammed in closet waiting for storage shelving and boxes in room - doubling as my winter seed growing center and has a single bed in case someone visits. Not my craft room at all. Hubby still has the kitchen cabinets to make - but first we need to get rid of the junk/debris and clear out his shop so he can work safely. Wasn't planning to have his workshop half full as a storage unit either.

Things will improve but for now focusing on proper eating, drinking my water and consuming myself with my plants helps my prozac do it's thing. LOL. It's just an 'off' day.

Okay, add sugar free lemon pudding to dinner. We need a light dessert tonight. And more water.

Hope your day is going well. I'm going back to my Triffids now.


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Good morning everyone. Hope all are doing as well as they can.
I have a busy week ahead with appointments but that should keep me out of trouble, shouldn't it?

Losing my will power to not eat more calories. Still trying hard to keep between 150 and 152. It took too much effort to lose the weight, that I sure don't want to have to do it again. I would really like to get down to at least 145 but I don't think the time is right- too mcuh on my plate besides food. .

We had a couple of really warm days - about 20 celcius but to-day it is much colder but the sun is shining. Spring is taking a long time to get here.

Hugs to all who need them, and don't we all?


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Happy Tuesday!

Thanks for getting us started, Suzanne. Congrats on that photo contest!

Peggy/Ivamae, please give yourselves permission to have an off-day. None of us was built to be (what we consider) perfect.

Everyone: Take some really deep breaths today. Oxygen is good for you. Now S-M-I-L-E and have a great day!

Take care,

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Thank you Dee. I have but too often of late. It's whip cracking time to just simply "pay attention girl". Part of maintenance is learning to adjust. Having a bit of cabin fever with rainy weather. Listening to the symphony of frogs across the fields and birds singing is driving me crazy to get outside to do things...I know April showers bring May flowers but I wanna play toooooo!

This will sort itself. Getting back on water helps a great deal.

Ivamae I can relate. Like Dee says - we need a break. We're in this for the long haul. I've been at your weight and worked with it for some time before it felt right to lose more. Absolutely understand. Doesn't hurt to live with it until you are ready to do more. Gives the body a chance to adjust.

I think what I need to do is get back to preparing the grab'n'snack foods in the fridge. I do enjoy crunching on ice cold carrots, I love salads and I love dill pickles to shake of food cravings. Great crunch and the flavour really takes my mind off other things. Plan and prepare is what I need to do.

So Dee - do tell - what has Dee been up to? C'mon, tell us!

I'm sending out warm hugs to everyone, hoping you can drop in. If you're not up to talking right now that's okay - just know we are all here for each other.

((((((((((((((((((((My Pals))))))))))))))))))))))))))


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Good Wednesday all,

Boy is it quiet here lately!!! Where is everyone!

Peggy, I feel your Spring fever pain! It's pouring here today and not the nice warm rain that I could work in but cold and raw, go right though you rain. I know that everything will be greener when the sun shines again!!

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Hi, Suzanne and all!

I'm here for you. I've been sick with a bad stomach virus, and today is the first day I'm feeling normal. Feels good, too!

It has been very warm here and the a/c is cranking out cool air. I don't look forward to my next utility bill!

Peggy, you're doing great. Keep up the good work.

Ivamae, Dee gave you good advice. Everybody has an off day.

Suzanne, congrats on your win! You take the most beautiful photos. I always enjoy looking at them. They seem to tell a story without any words involved!

Dee, when's the next vacation? Sounds like it's time for another one!

I'm finally going back to Crosby for a few hours on Friday. Not the ideal time to go since all my friends already had plans, but I need to collect the rest of the things I inadvertently left behind, then over to Beaumont to spend the weekend with my youngest son and his family. My "baby" is going to be 32 on Saturday. I'm getting younger, and he's getting older. Go figure! ;)

Wishing everyone a "feel good" day!

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Good Thursday all,

BJ, thinking of you and wondering how your trip went. I was just reading an article in Holistic Horse about stallions. I learned that the first documented case in North America of a regular gelding program is credited to the natives of the Palouse region! They gelded Appaloosa stallions to increase the chance of foals with those fantastic arrays of spots! Interesting.

The rain has stopped and I am waiting for clouds to clear. Looking forward to a lovely day.

Jan, I am thinking of you and hope you can check in to let us know you are okay.

I heard from brother John! He's busy with new job, new house and life is good. He promises to check in soon.

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Happy Thursday!

Got part of my plant order picked up from the post office today. I was panicking thinking they shipped everything - too early for the whole order.

I've ordered the oldest type of roses that deer don't like (hopefully same with rabbits). Got 4 Salet Moss Roses (pink) and 2 Apothecary (dark pink) roses. These are the old prickly stemmed roses that smell like heaven. At least today and tomorrow until late afternoon the rain is taking a break. I have to plant these now. When I'm not ready in the garden of course. It's okay because they are foundation plants - pink roses along the east side of our house where we're having our sitting area built up and terracing the sloped side a wee bit. The last pink rose bush and the 2 dark pink I'm thinking of planting down in the vegetable garden area where I've started my herbal garden while in the trailer. I want to build that up into a sitting garden over time. Just taking a break for the moment. Just washed out and reinstalled all the batteries on my outdoor solar lights (new last year for the trailer life). I'm glad I had the sense to bring them in and tidy them up in the fall. Things are not cheap anymore - these are those newer white light ones. For the moment many are in use to mark off the terracing for the east side garden. It's just dirt, small rocks, lots of roots from ripped out old growth lilac gone wild, sumac and weeds starting.

I feel so sleepy hearing the billion frogs in the wet areas calling for mates, song birds fighting over nest areas and signing at the top of their lungs. But the sun is sheer delight. I'm taking photos of my progress on the gardens. Eventually I'll get them posted in a blog that I'm hoping to do for my garden adventure around here. I've picked up rhubarb that is growing and current bushes/vines?. Grapes too but not sure where to plant them. They are supposed to be planted now - judging by the speed of light they are growing at in the hall. They'll hate me when I plant them outside - I know.

Wow, I can see the golden eagles over the fields outside - guess they're sizing up dinner. The trees still appear barren. A couple more weeks I expect to see buds.

I'm glad to read the posts. I guess it's slow because everyone seems to have so much to attend to right now. I'm still working on drinking my water and desperately fighting the urge to nap. I'll take that as a sign to fill my water bucket now and get those roses in the ground.

Enjoy your day...I need light and fresh air. No a/c here - still wearing a light winter coat outside...the wind bites.

Chat later,
All my hugs to everyone,

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Peggy, I so much enjoy the sounds of spring! The peepers and especially the symphony of birds! Any time now I should hear a Barred Owl caterwauling! Those are the sounds that make me feel most at home.

Can't wait to see photos of your plantings.

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I think I know what BJ has been doing. I posted a link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: BJs Spare Time Hobby

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Raeanne, of course you are right! What else would she be doing?

It's that time of year again!!!

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Good Friday all,

The crocuses are finally up here!

What is everyone up to for the weekend?

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Good morning, Suzanne and all!

Love the Peeps picture! Those crocuses are definitely a sign of spring. You take the best photos!

It's a beautiful sunshiny warmish (57 now with a high of 75) day ahead.

Received a lovely phone call early this moring from a friend. What a great way to start my day! I have lots of little things to do this morning, so I'm glad to already be up.

Peggy, how exciting that your plants are flourishing!

Need to get some coffee into me so I can wake up enough to get out and get busy. Driving to Beaumont in the morning to see my son on his 32nd birthday. I've missed all of them so much. Both my granddaughters have called this week letting me know tht they're ready for their Mimi to come see them. Can life get any better than this???

Have a great day and weekend, everyone!

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Hey all ya'all: I started a new pt job on 6th and my body is taking a while to adjust to the new schedule. We picked-up my DH's id-twin Thursday and he's living in our LR now. My weight has bounced a lot this past few weeks and my Internet went bad during a wind storm, so I couldn't check in. They finally got new phone lines strung to the house so I'll check in Monday, hopefully. Take care all. l.marie

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