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marci_paApril 1, 2004

rabbit- rabbit

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RABBIT, RABBIT!!!!! Back at ya!

Suzanne, Raeanne, etc.....can you believe that April Fool joke that Howard pulled this morning. At 6:05am, I called up to my husband that there was elaborate joke on the radio! My husband was not so sure, but I knew it was way too corny to be real. What a riot!!!

I hope everyone checks in today. I'm really tired of talking to myself!

Jen, please let us know how Erica is feeling today.

Make it a great day; every minute counts!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Dee, I am here, you aren't talking to yourself exactly! LOL

I fell for the joke on the way to the gym. I got in the truck, tuned in Howard and they were playing some corny song and I said to myself they are going to goof on it when it's over. Then the two new disc jockeys come on and I was really upset, then Tom G came on with his pre recored announcement....................I literally got tears in my eyes I was so upset. I changed to another station and not able to fully believe the show was off the air I kept going back and forth. I hoped it was a joke but it seemed so real to me from what little I was able to listen. I couldn't listen!!!! By the time I got out of the gym Howard was back on and I realized I'd been had!!


Now for deadline and it promises to be a honey!

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I missed it again! One of these years, I will actually get the rabbit, rabbit in first!! LOL!!!

Dee--we still can't get Howard here. You know, the morality police still have the ban enforced, and I don't want to stream him while I'm at work, so..... I'm surprised that all the radio stations aren't playing the B@rney song over and over all day--after all--that's what they must think we all want to listen to. Sigh........

Well, I got my brows done last night, and my contacts in, and goils, I feel good! :) It's amazing how losing weight and making some changes can make you feel!!! I'm trying the new 30 days contacts, and I can't even feel them--and Rog made me a black and crystal pair of sunglasses--woooweeee!!! LOL!!!

So, where is BJ and Amy? Susie-que? Hellooooo!! :)

Gotta go--



Jen--please let us know how Erica is!!

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Maddie and DeeMarie,

If the morality police keep this up I bet our music will be censored next! Barney songs.......LOL

Maddie, you must be one hot babe!!

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I love you...
You love me...
We're a Stepford fam-i-ly !!!!!

LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Where's Raeanne when ya need her? Under a palm tree, wearing her tankini, and sipping a cocktail!

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Thanks, Dee! I got to giggling so hard that I had to get up and close my door!

I'm gonna be thinking of new lyrics for the rest of the day! LOL

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Well, at least the are three of us talking today!!

DeeMarie, I am at a disadvantage as I don't know the words to Barney! LOL Will you sing some more for us??

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Hi All,

I am exhausted on this roller coaster we have been on for the past 8 weeks. Ended up taking Erica back to the doctor yesterday afternoon. Her fever was 102.4 and she was complaining of her throat. We ended up seeing her doctors associate, which was great because we got a second doctors thoughts on her. Anyway, this doctor thinks that if we get her tonsils out, that would clear everything up. We see her pediatrician tomorrow. I am not sure when. They took throat cultures and urine cultures and are waiting for them to come back and then they will decide. Today, she seems to be a little better. It's good one day bad the next. That's why I was sure it was mono. But yesterday ruled that one out. Anyways we are waiting....Thanks for the prayers. Please keep them up. I appreciate them more than you will ever know.

Better run. My MIL was watching the kids so I could get some things caught up at work and have a little time to myself. My water works are running overtime with my eyes!


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(((((((((( JEN & ERICA )))))))))))))) Things will get better, Jen. Please take it one day at a time, and give Erica some extra hugs. We are all praying for the entire family.

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(((Jen & Erica))) - Please keep us posted. Once the doctor pinpoints exactly what is wrong, you will feel more in control of the situation and your emotions.

I am glad it is Friday. Too much going on to post about right now, but I really need a carefree weekend and the upcoming Easter vacation.

Patti - where are you????? I sent you an email about scanning your photos for the album. Let me know if you got it.

That's all for now, gotta run.

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Hi everyone,

Dee, even when people don't post you arent talking to yourself, just not getting anything back. More people read than post. Some people read who never post. It sounds like you are doing great with WW.

Maddie, I've been reading about your successes, too. You must feel so good right about now! You deserve it, too.

Jen, I've been reading about Erica and keeping you all in my prayers, even though I haven't posted much.

Others, too, I've been reading and thinking of you. One reason I don't post is that I'm tired and can't get everything done. Also I guess since I haven't been responding to people, I feel like I can't expect people to give back to me what I haven't been giving.

That relationship I was talking about with the unhappy person. I didn't break it off as I said I would. It turns out he is even more disturbed than I realized. It's sad because he has a lot of good qualities. I've been private messaging him back and forth for a couple of months. I've been indirectly encouraging him to deal with his feelings about life, but I don't know if it was a good idea. I don't know what will happen next. I had a major horrible nightmare last night and that doesn't seem like a good sign.

I don't know what to say about my eating. I try to low carb and keep my calories within limits. It seems like WW is working for people, but I don't have the money for it, or much else it seems. I think it was Besh who said she got it off of ebay, so maybe I'll try that. I go along for days keepint my carbs and calories within preset limits, but then have a day like yesterday when it falls apart. It doesn't happen often, but it may be enough to do damage.

I think I could use some of your good thoughts regarding this relationship. He is so troubled, it doesn't seem like I can help much, but I hope I can protect myself. At this point I need to think about how to do that. I hate to just walk away when he is so alone.

Did anyone see the picture of my kitty that I posted a couple of threads ago? I didn't see any comments, but I may have missed it.


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Good Morning!

I am nervously awaiting a call from the doctor. They said they would call once the cultures came back and we would go from there. Thanks so much for the prayers.

Amy, your picture of the Kitty really brightened my day when you posted it. I didn't get the chance to comment on it, but I really liked it.

I better get some work done. I am sure we will be making another trip to Evansville this afternoon. Thats the bad thing about our pediatrician being an hour away.

Thanks again for the prayers and thoughts.


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Good luck, Jen....hope the news is encouraging.

Amy, good to see you posting. Please continue to let us know how you are doing---good or bad---we're here for ya!! Just remember that you need to take care of YOU first.

NH Suzanne, I hope that things are OK at work today...whether you reached goal or not.

Marci, holding some good thoughts for you today. I forgot to tell you how I loved those bath products you sent me for my b'day. I used them on the cruise, and I felt no need to go to the spa to get that therapeutic aroma around me. Wonderful stuff!

This morning, I was kinda getting down on myself, because although I lost 15 pounds, I need to lose another 60 or so. It seems like such a big mountain to climb and I was wondering if I could keep this up in good spirits. Then I thought about how I remind everyone never to give up, and I visualized how proud I would be in another 4-6 months when I begin to look dramaticallly different if I keep it up. I decided that it would be better to stay with the plan and not look back and regret falling off the wagon. I'd rather stick it out at least another 4-6 months and be maybe 20-30 pounds lighter than gain back the 15 I lost, right?

OK, so I go to the doctors at 11am, wait nervously in the room (after weighing myself in front of the nurse..she is thrilled about my weight loss too). I have not been there in 8 weeks, since the day before I started WW. Anywho, my doctor/internist (who is gorgeous!) steps into the room, looks and me and steps back...he says "you look so different; what did you do?" I said..."well, I'm tanned, I got my hair highlighted and I LOST 15 POUNDS!" He says "you look terrific!!!". How's that for boosting the ego? He said he would not take my blood this time or consider more medicine. He's giving me another 2 months to lose some more weight, and then we check the cholesterol again. If it's gone down (and he is banking that it will), we'll keep watching it before prescribing more medicine. Needless to say, I'm so happy I've made up my mind that this is my time to do this. I'll be coming here, and hope to get some kicks if I talk about giving up!!!

Have a great day.
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

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Good Afternoon,

Well, the news on Erica is encouraging. Believe it or not, She & I have been passing the same thing back and forth. There are only a few differences. She runs a fever and I dont, and her lymph glands are swollen and mine arent. Anyway, the doctor Wednesday had suggested a tonsilectomy! Her doctor Friday decided to do an x-ray on her adnoids. He came back and told us they were to big. That is probably why the kid never eats or eats very much. Here we just thought she was petite. I told him that Erica never would finish a jar of baby food. Usually she would eat half and we would pitch the other half. UNLIKE Tara who will eat two jars at a time. So, she is on Augmentin antibiotic for the next two weeks and we see the ENT doctor on April 28. Her doctor didn't think we would have to take the tonsils out until he saw the x-ray. Then he was pretty sure the ENT will want to take them out. So, I am figuring that if they are going to take the adnoids out, then they might as well to the tonsils at the same time and be done. I asked him once again if he was sure that it wasn't something more serious and he said absolutely NOT this was the only problem! (thank goodness for prayers) So, I guess tonsils and adnoids can do strange things to kids. At least we have an answer.

DeeMarie, WHAT a great thing for the doctor to tell you. Keep up the good work.

OK, Where is everyone????

Have a great weekend.


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Good news JEN!!!! I am glad that things have turned around and sound more encouraging.

Amy it's good to see you post. I don't really have any advice that I can offer regarding your relationship. It scares me some that you say he's troubled. I will pray that things go the way you want them to and that you stay safe doing it. Trust your instincts. You must be getting something you need out of the relationship but it sounds like you want to rescue him? I also forgot to mention that the picture of Heather was nice. She's a pretty calico with gorgeous green eyes. I have a calico as well and she has intensely green eyes. I think they all must. Did you know that calicos are always females? I learned that a few years ago when I got Cali. Intersting. Anyway, I will be sending positive thoughts your way and hope you work out the relationship one way or another. Be safe.

DeeMarie, see what you can work through when you talk to yourself? LOL Actually, you did figure it all out by sharing it with us. You should be very proud of yourself and your 15lb loss! WTG. Glad you are going to take your own advice and NOT GIVE UP!! Good for you.

It's perfectly dismal here rainy and raw. We got five inches of rain over Thursday night into Friday and there is flooding everywhere. Today is drizzly and cold. I had to unload 100 bales of hay from my trailer this morning because I have a driving clinic to go to with Sweet Pea tomorrow that I completely forgot about. So, I had to unload hay into the loft, clean the trailer and reload my cart. Thank God DH was home to help with that chore. Now I am going to clean and polish my harness which hasn't been touched all winter. I just pulled it out and it looks pretty good, even the brass. I won't be working all night on it! I am excited and nervous about the clinic. It's with a man named Jeff Morse who is the undisputed dean of Morgan horses here in New England. He and his family has been breeding them for four generations and he knows them inside out. I think he's going to like Sweet Pea and I know he is familiar with her blood lines. He's supposed to be a great teacher too. I think I will just feel so inadequate around him but that's why I am going.......right?

WHERE IS EVERYONE??????? I miss you all, check in soon.

NH Suzanne

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Good Morning......................(echo,echo,echo)

Wow, it's so seldom that I get the last word but I certainly did yesterday!!! Where in the heck is everyone????

I am off to my driving clinic and wanted to say hello, hello,hello, hello............

Am I in the twighlight zone or something? LOL

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Hi everyone, I'm here, but busy. MIL and FIL coming over for dinner, and I've got a few more things to do before they arrive.

Jen, I am so happy that you are getting to the bottom of this! Squeezy hugs for Erica and her mommy!

NH Suzanne, we had some sun for a while, but I heard we may get snow showers tonight. WOW, 100 bales of hay? You must be in great shape, kiddo!

BJ, if you are reading this, we still miss you!

Raeanne, welcome home? I think you were supposed to come home today. I saw a Rachel Ray show on your town and was looking for you in all the shots!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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I'm here too, but mired in laundry and flyers for two mailings that I am labeling for my sister.

I tried Pilates for the first time last week and I like it a lot. Now that isn't saying that I am good at it, but I feel like I can improve with time and I definitely think I will see a difference in my muscle tone. I am still going to Curves 3 times a week and walking 2 miles whenever I get the chance. I feel in control of my exercise and for the most part, I feel in control of my eating. I had to get weighed when I went for my checkup a few weeks ago and I wasn't happy with the number on the scale. But I do have to remember that I have gained muscle from Curves and muscle weighs more than fat. But from the way my clothes fit, I was surprised that the number on the scale wasn't lower. I guess that just proves that the scale isn't always the best measure of success.

Mentally I felt exhaused last week. Too many phone calls and events that upset me and I couldn't shake that uneasy feeling that life was spiraling out of control. But this is a new week and I am hoping life doesn't hold any more surprises (at least unpleasant surprises) for me this week. I only have to work 3 days and then I get 5 days off. April is full of fun activities at school (field trips, ventriloquist, pony rides, etc.). I think April will fly and that means that summer will be here before I know it.

Jen - I am glad the doctor's have found the reason for Erica's continued illnesses. Used to be every one got their tonsils out. But I think doctor's are more cautious these days. We are dealing with the Rota virus at preschool right now. Last week we only had 6 kids in our T-TH afternoon class. The 6 girls had a blast. We relaxed the rules a bit and let them play longer, choose whatever table they wanted to sit at and they got 2 snacks instead of one. But I am hoping everyone is healthy and ready to return on Tuesday, since that is their Easter party.

DeeMarie - I don't know if I offered congratulations on your success with WW. WooHoo!!!!! I can feel your excitement and determination coming right through the computer screen! Keep up the good work.

NHSuzanne - I am tired just thinking of hefting 100 bales of hay! I walked 2 miles today and did 20 minutes of Pilates then had to sit down and rest! Hope you are learning lots at your class today.

BJ - When are you getting that computer fixed?? We miss you.

Besh - We haven't heard much from you lately. Read any good books lately?

Gretchen - What is the news on the sale of the company. Have you worked out the financial details yet?

Raeanne - Pictures! We want pictures of your latest vacation for the album.

Amy - Do you want me to include Heather's picture in the SS album? She is a fine looking cat.

Speaking of the album, I was fooling around with my new scanner and I added a few new pictures to the album.

Patti - I am stilling wondering where you are. Did you get my last email about scanning the photos?

Joanne - Check in and let us know how you are feeling.

SusieQ - We haven't heard from you in awhile. How was your DD's recital. If you have pictures you want in the SS album, let me know. Just sent me an email by clicking on My Page.

Maddie - I loved the sound of your new "do". My stylist wanted me to consider highlights the last time I was there. But I have never colored my hair and I told her I
had to think about it. She said that what she had in mind would be subtle and would grow out if I didn't want to continue. So I am thinking of trying it for the summer.

Chris - How is tax season going? I don't have my apolloniazoo email anymore, so if you want to email me, just click on My Page. Are you still going to Curves?

John - How is the job situation? Anymore interesting interviews?

Well, I need to go marinate some chicken for dinner and slap on some more labels.


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Jen~Dave is doing all right. He still has the flashbacks & nightmares but otherwise is pretty good. We have continued our prayers for your family. I know that DS#1 also went through the same thing as Erica & as soon as his tonsils were out, he was NEVER sick again. He made it all through school without missing for a sick day.

Marci~I did get your E-mail. I just haven't been around the computer like I need to. I got so tired of it working on Dave's case. I still have things that I need to get done & I've been procrastinating so perhaps this will be the week that I get myself in gear.

Amy~I thought that Heather was beautiful. Dave & I were talking about wishing we could live closer to you so that the weather would be around 80 degrees all of the time. This year we have had a really wonderful spring.

NH Suzanne~We went to Orlando yesterday to visit with Dave's best friend. They have been friends since junior high school & I'd never met them in person. (They are from upstate NY.) Anyway, we met for breakfast & then they took off for Disney World & we went to Sea World. We had the great opportunity of seeing AB's Clydesdales! They were so beautiful. They wouldn't let you pet them. That was the only downfall to me. I thought about you though.

Giving a shout out to Raeanne, DeeMarie, Maddie, Joanne, Gretchen, Besh, BJ, Susie_que, & John. Hope that I didn't miss anyone. Patti :)

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