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sabinekeJuly 5, 2004

I was wondering which brand of Threads you use? Which one is the best and how bout price & quality. Did anyone use ARC?

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I have tried all brands of thread from expensive to less expensive.I like oasis thread it comes from India but It really has vibrant colors and enduring no constant breaks.

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My Viking dealer recommends Sulky and Robson-Anton (sp?) I also have Madeira which Nancy's Notions recommends and I got free when I bought my Koala sewing cabinet.
I have used all three and can't tell the difference.
They are the only brands that I am familiar with and I have had no problems with any of them.


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I like Isacord polyester, and it doesn't run or bleed. My Bernina doesn't like Sulky. Try Threadsetc's website (you'll hafta Google it cuz I don't have it with me, and it's under a parent company, I believe). They feature a specially priced column of colors each month at $3.10 a spool plus shipping. I have 200+ colors now, aiming to "collect" all 350+ colors by getting 10 a month. Plus it's fun to get 'em in the mail.

Keepeminstitches (who is easily amused)

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Oops. The website for Isacord thread is, not threadsetc.



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I've ordered some ARC, hope it was a bargain, 48 spools of 1000 meter thread for about 80 dollar, excluding shipping...

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I ordered an ARC starter kit with 48 for the same. Just got it Friday but I don't have my machine yet. The colors are beautiful tho! Now I regret waiting to pick up my machine after my vacation is over as all I did was think about it! LOL

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ARC is just fine and works well and stands up to alot of washings. In the beginning, I thought it must not be good because it's cheaper...NOT SO. I usually use Isacord cause I like their spools and because I received a bunch from my husband. I only use poly.

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Hi Joly,
I can imagine. My story is the other way around. I can't wait untill my threads arrive. At the same time/ place I ordered an ultimate box and card so I can make some of the projects from the internet :)

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Well, yesterday, my last day of vacation I decided to go get the machine, got home, read the book and thought I'd try a hoop or embroidery foot! When they repacked the machine they must have forgot. I'll have to call today, I drive 2 hours to work the opposite direction so that means a 100 mile around trip after I get back from work tonight. =(

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I hav bought threads from beautiful not break.....I think they are really good....and about 1.75 a spool.....I am happy with them....they only have 80 colors...that might be a drawback.....I use polyester....

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