help with finding a certain embroidery pattern

rubyjudJuly 5, 2004

I know this is probably an impossibility....but one night I was searching link...other links...and just having a wonderful time looking for new embroidery designs....I found one that I just loved....but now cannot find it again...I will try to descrive is an alphabet...with woodland animals...I think...some sort of animals....Each letter is in a square...and the whole square is solidly embroidered...lots of colors...pretty detailed....I have even dreamed about if you can....thanks so much....I have just purchased an embroidery machine and I am so excited about using it for some wonderful things....

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What brand machine and model did you get? Are you new to machine embroidery? Have you thoroughly read and practiced what is in your machine manual?

I ask these questions as many new embroidery machine owners jump right in without reading manuals and practicing in their enthusiasm to get started, get confusionosis and downloaditis caused by not reading their manual to find out how their machine works, what format the machine takes (makes downloading much easier as some designs do not come in all formats or compatable sizes), and after downloading a design, what additional equipment is required, how to get a design from point A to B to C, etc., and using the machine features and any required additional software to resize and edit a design.

As far as search for a design, usually you can google for animal alphabet or any other design and get a whole lot of links to different sites.

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I made a baby quilt with this animal alphabet from OESD. Perhaps it's similar to what you're lookimg for. Isn't it frustrating when you can't find links - I've definitely done that before & I have spent HOURS trying to find it.


Here is a link that might be useful: OESD Lovable Letters 2

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Happened to be looking for some designs on & came across this one.


Here is a link that might be useful: alpha blocks

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