What Machine Do you Have?

passport4vickiJuly 26, 2007


I have noticed that a frequent question here is what kind of machine do I buy? Because I only know about the one I have I do not feel knowledgable in giving advice.

Let's all talk about what embroidery machine we have, what the cost may be, and what features we like or do not like.

I have a Janome 10001. It was a gift form my husband so I can guess the cost was around $4000. I like the support from my local Janome dealership where the machine was purchased. This is my only machine so I do everything with it. It is very easy to go from sewing to embroidery. It was easy to learn. This version has three hoops sizes, 2x2, 4x4 and 5x7. I rarely use the 2x2. I use the "A" hoop, 4x4 a lot and bought an addition spring type "A" hoop. I also use the "B" hoop 5x5 a lot. Sometimes I wish I could go larger to the Mega Hoop, but I would need a special software to for the hoop, that cost would be around $1000. The new version of the Janome includes the mega-hoop.

My machine sews beautiful and is easy to maintain, I can unscrew the bobbin plate to vacuum out dust and thread. The Janome dealership told me that some machines do not have that feature, but I don't know for sure. I have had it for three years now with no problems.

It is easy to download embroidery designs online. I have a software that came with the machine to transfer (not convert) to my computer. I then take the design from my computer to a memory card. I put the memory card into a slot in my sewing machine and am ready to sew! I can also hook a computer directly to the machine. If I had a laptop that would be cool. So adding designs is easy.

My machine came with 7 Fonts, 3 sizes each. This is something I would like more of (more fonts). When I purchased more fonts online I found that I have to bring one letter in at a time. I think I need the digitizer (or is the customizer) to line up my words first and then insert to my design. Really small lettering does not sew out so nice.

That's all I can think of for now! I hope you can join in and tell us about your machine!


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Vicki, I have the 10001 also. I have had my machine for 2 years and Customizer and all 4 hoops (A,B,Giga and a small free arm) were included. I have only used the A and B hoops.
My DD also has the 10001 but she has Digitizer software with hers. We bought it for her for her college graduation gift before I bought mine.
I use Customizer to add lettering to my designs. I know there are other software programs that will do this too. Since I got Customizer included with mine, I haven't tried any other program.
Linda OH

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what a good idea. I have a Bernina aurora 430. I have had it almost a year. I paid about $3000.00 for it. I like the machine. It came with a 5x7 and a 6x11 hoop and I can get the mega hoop. I find my handbook invaluable when sewing. Like all high tech stuff, it is finicky and the set up has to be perfect. It sews and embroiderys beautifully. It is easy to change from sewing to embroidery.
If I could do it again, I would search for a better deal, but all in all I am happy with my machine.

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I guess I should clarify I have a Janome 10000 that came with a software upgrade to a Janome 10001. So I did not get the customizer with it. Can you tell me what the customizer does? Can I put words together using the other fonts I purchased to make words easier? Can I change formats of designs? Do you have the digitizer?

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I have a Brother PC8500 combo machine. I got it at a show about 4 years ago for $1500, which was supposedly half price.

I love it! The embroidery is so easy to do, that's what made me buy the machine. I had never even looked at an embroidery machine until I had a class at this show, and I came home with a finished project (and the machine - DH took it really well!)

It goes from sewing to embroidery very easily. It comes w/ 3 hoops, but I don't think I've ever used the 2 x 2. They also gave me a multi-position hoop, but I have never been able to figure out how to use it. You can do on-screen editing and combining of designs, and then save the new design in its memory if you want to.

It sews like a dream. It has a gazillion utility and decorative stitches, plus you can program your own if you want. The only "bad" thing is there are no Brother dealers anywhere near me, so I can't buy extra goodies or take any machine-specific classes. There is a shop about 45 minutes away that is an authorized service shop, so I take it there for its annual spa visit.


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i have the babylock professional. it has everything with it and it is fast! especially if you speed up the stitches per minute. i use my local shop for support and for maintenance. i spent about 10K on mine. but i bought all of the extras with the machine (hat hoop, 5x7, 8x11, and i think the other one is 11x20)) it has a stand, and an lcd screen with built in options and directions for basic help. i think i'm going to sell it. i'm a stay at home mom, and i'm getting too busy with the kids' activities now to enjoy my embroidery. kids come first!! :)

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I am a stay at home mom too, that's why I wanted the machine. I agreee, my time is limited, but we are all busy. I was constantly looking for teacher and coach gifts. Now I embroider them myself! Plus, I make the team gifts instead of getting trophies that clutter the shelfs. I do other teams for friends to fund my embroidery habit. I make Christmas gifts and birthday gifts and school fund raiser gifts. You may want to think twice about getting rid of your machine. If it's something you like to do, use it as a way to save money (making gifts) and make a little side cash. Plus you need to do something for yourself!

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Vicki, sorry I didn't answer your questions from July. I have Customizer and you can do lettering with the fonts that are in it. I haven't tried to use other fonts so I don't know how that would work. You can not change formats with Customizer, you need Digitzer for that which I don't have.It will change SEW to JEF but that is the only format it will change. They are both Janome formats.
I have used it mostly to make quilt lables and haven't used the Giga Hoop yet. You can print out templates to use to help position designs.
Linda OH

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