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marci_paApril 23, 2007

Let's keep Donna's celebration going for those who weren't here for the "party" over the weekend.


Just flying by to wish BJ a Happy Birthday!

Hope you know we miss you!

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Happy Birthday BJ ..............I hope we hear from you soon girlfriend! We all miss you. Hope you have a great day and with many more to come!

Let's make this a birthday week! I will wait for the good singers here, it's too early for me to sing!

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Well, I'm a bit nervous about taking over the singing again, but here goes....(Maddie, you need to step up here kiddo)

Happy Birthday to you.................
Happy Birthday to you.................
Happy Birrrrrttttthhhhddday, dear, fun-to-be-around, all-around great mom, good pal BeeeeeeeeeeeeJaaaaaaaaaaaay
Happy Birthday to you!!!

We miss you BJ. Hope this birthday is everything you'd like it to be. You deserve it!

Love ya

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BJ!!!!! I miss you!

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Happy Birthday BJ!!! We miss you!!! Check in!!!

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Come on you party poopers.......there is supposed to be a birthday celebration here!!!!

Nice job singing Dee! Maddie better watch out!

Check in!

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Come out and let us know what's going on?

QOD: List at least one healthy thing you will do for yourself this week.

I'm going to 2 TaiChi Lite classes and walking at least 3 times this week.

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Wow, it looks like you and me again Dee!!

QOD: I am watching what I eat and really trying to stay focused on quantity, etc.

I have been able to go out riding and in the saddle at 5:30 am since its stopped raining here!! That's the healthiest thing I can do for myself. Good for my soul.

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Hi Dee and NHSuzanne!

QOD - I am turning down ALL snacks at school and choosing healthier snacks at home. I really have purged the sugar from my house. And I am also walking up and down the stairs at work as much as I can and walking as many steps in a day as I can. (I can now fit into a pair of pants that was too tight 2 weeks ago.)

When is Raeanne getting back?

I am leaving early next Wednesday for FL and I can't wait!!

I am off to make some salmon for dinner

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Hope everyone is doing OK and making plans to treat yourself this week.

I'm asking for some good thoughts tomorrow. Was called back for additional images after my mammography. Thanks.

Raeanne, are you in Florida? Is that a mojito I see in your hand? Share it, please!

Marci, how was that salmon? You gave me a great idea for grocery shopping this week. We had tilapia on Saturday, but we really love salmon on the grill.

Check in, everyone!

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Good afternoon,

Marci, thanks for joining us! Dee and I were getting mighty lonely here! LOL

Dee, sending positive thoughts for those addional images. I know they will be okay! Still, it's hard not to worry.

I love salmon too and my little grocer here has an excellent source for what they are calling "organic salmon". It's farm raised BUT is fed organically and they don't have any antibiotics or anything else bad. They have a nice life. It's the most delicious salmon I have ever had and we have it often. It's expensive at $13.99/lb but worth it because I only eat a 4 oz piece and dh a 6 oz piece. The snow should be gone soon so I can drag out my grill.

Has anyone done any grilling on cedar planks? DELICIOUS!!

Mojito huh? Do you think Raeanne has given up margaritas for mojiots? or, is she having them both! Hopefully not at the same time but hey, it's vacation!!

Marci, where are you going in FL and what will you be doing?

Everyone please check in!!

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Welcome to the Dee and NHSuzanne show!! LOL

Dee - the salmon was delicious. I season the filets (rosemary, garlic, sea salt) and saute in small amount of olive oil, then cook in small amount of stock, then deglaze the pan with white wine, sliver of butter and serve. Yummy!

NHSuzanne - We are going to Clearwater/St. Pete to visit DS. We are going to a baseball game, Universal Studios in Orlando, a Greek restaurant we went to on our honeymoon (our 30th anniversary is May 7th), going to the beach, and taking DH's aunt out to lunch one day. The rest of the time will be spent soaking up the sun and just enjoying my family. I can't wait.

I am trying to get caught up at work and get some hard projects done before I leave, so they don't have to deal with them when the substitute is there. But I have to admit that once I leave, I will try not to think about preschool until I return. But one little boy seems worried about me leaving. I told him that I would miss him too. I took pictures of all the kids the other day with my digital camera and I told him I would look at the pictures while I was gone. He seemed satisfied with that answer.

MagicKitty - Be on the look out for a package in the next few days!

Besh - Idol Chat - Who do you think will get sent home tonight? I have never voted before, but I voted for Melinda and Jordin last night and was able to get through many times. I wanted to do my part to help their cause. Tonight's show should be good with all the celebs they have lined up. I have a feeling that Lakesha (sp?) may be leaving.


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Checking in quick, will be back later or tomorrow.

(((((Dee))))) sending good thoughts and prayers your way!


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I only had one margarita in FL - but it was big and good LOL.

I got back yesterday but am backed up at work and at home with laundry and mail.

Donna - Happy Birthday - I only wish you the best that this Universe has to offer you - you are special and I am so happy that once you realized how crazy we all are that you decided you fit right in LOL. I hope your dad is in positive spirits.

Dee - what a beautiful job you did singing.

Marci - you are a great teacher and it shows how much you mean to your students. Sounds like you got quite a trip planned in FL.

NH SUzanne - I read the book on the plane and it was such a beautiful story and of course I cried. I want to lend it to people, but I am afraid I won't get it back LOL. Thanks so much my friend - I can't remember what it was but something really reminded me of you as I read it (besides the horses). I will have to skim back through some of the pages.

Patti - I am sorry that I didn't get in touch with you, but we had absolutely no free time. I feel like I need a vacation. How did things go with the VA (not the state LOL)? I was thinking of you and Dave and wishing you all the best.

Besh - did you have a nice time in VA (the state)? I have to go back and read, but I am sure that you were going last week.

We had so much fun and the people we stayed with were such gracious hosts. We went to see Cirque du Soleil (sp?) which was outstanding, the next day we drove to the west coast and boated through the intercoastal waterway and into the Gulf. We stayed at a place called Tween Waters and then a resort on Palm Island. We had great meals and drinks and a ton of laugh. We were up late each night and got up early each day.

I need to read last weeks posts, but I hope everyone is well and had a great week. I guess the Northeastern club had a real treat with the weather.

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Good morning all,

Raeanne, only one margarita?? Yeah, right!! LOL Sounds like you had a nice time. I am glad you enjoyed that book - I too don't want to lend mine out. It was so well written and I identified with so much of it, plus it was funny at times. I will be curious to know what reminded you of me (sans horses of course)

I had a terrific,although frosty morning ride. I was in the saddle at 5:15 and it wasn't really light but it was really foggy. We sort of just glided through the woods silently because the ground was wet from yesterday's rain. At the top of a ridge we heard Barred Owls caterwauling ( for want of a better description)which they do during mating season. It was very neat to hear them talking to each other! Further along as the sun was coming up over the mountain in the distance we caught glimpses of turkeys still roosting! With the sun behind them they look rather prehistoric - it was a neat vision.

Hope everyone taks the time to check in .

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Good THURSDAY morning!

Have fun, Marci! You will love it, I'm sure. Well deserved time away for you.

Welcome home, Raeanne. We missed you and I'm sure you missed all the excitment of the weather. It was quite a ride. DH and I wanted to see Cirque du Soleil but our friends are not interested. Looking forward to seeing one of those shows locally.

Thanks for the well wishes..they worked! Just returned from followup mammography and all looks clear. They want me back in 1 year because this time they confirmed nothing was seen--benign or malignant. The radiologist told me that sometimes, those spots disappear when you perform the next photo...sort of 'smushes' it. Whatever....I'm relieved. Tomorrow evening is a followup CT Scan for my right lung and another issue checked off my 2007 list. Whew!!!!!!!!

This afternoon I return for part 3 of TaiChi Lite at the office. It's a great program and I love the moves. The gentleman has a dvd that he sells, so I may buy it to ensure I do the moves correctly after all the classes. Really relaxing and definitely something good for me!

Patti & Dave; hope things are going well for you.

Donna, check in again. I think about you often.

MIAs---BJ, Maddie, Besh, Lynn, Joanne, John, Amy, Gretchen, Jen, Zig....who did I leave out? Come out and say hello. Spring has sprung!!!

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!!

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YIKES!!! I forgot to mention American Idol. What a show...well, I enjoyed about 90% of the musical stuff. I cried like a lunatic over the filmed pieces. But I was horrified at the thought that Jordin would be leaving. I kept telling DH...."shocking results"...that means Jordin is leving. He was like "relax"!!!

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Dee, will it be you,me and maybe Marci again today?

QOD: What are you doing this weekend?

Me, not much if the weather report is accurate! It's pouring right now - the state is under another flood watch - and it's supposed to shower all weekend!! Not much horse activity. Good time to do housework and polish harness and tack!

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TGIF, Suzanne!

QOD: Will try to get my hair touched up and trimmed today, but not sure if I can get to the salon with all the rain and subsequent flooding we are expecting again. Tomorrow I've agreed to represent my corporation in a local health fair. Sunday I hope to have some fun with DH!

Hope that everyone gets a minute to check in.

Forgot to mention Tikanas.....we miss you too! Wish I could help you get back here.

Make today count!

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Suzanne - I am here too! I did only have one Margarita, what I forgot to share was all the other types of drinks I had LOL. You know me too well.

QOD - we are going out with friends tonight and I am hoping we do nothing tomorrow night. I will probably just clean and do food shopping on Sunday.

Dee - when I saw who was left at the end I had a thought that they wouldn't vote anyone off. I have a feeling Lakisha may be next.

I am still catching up at home and work, and still didn't read last weeks posts. I hope I didn't miss anything too important.

Make the most of your day.

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Hello everyone!

Donna - Thank you for the Thank you card. I must say I do not think I have ever gotten such a lovely thankyou card. Even my DH commented on how pretty it was and that even your handwriting was pretty. He is so cute sometimes!!!!

American Idol Chat - Yes it was a surprise ending for me and I also think Lakisha is the next to go.

Raeanne - My DH and I live near Tween waters and go there by boat quite often for the afternoon, in fact about two years ago it was a hang out for us. Especially when we have guests. When I read your post I was surprised to hear how close you were to me. Maybe next time your in the area, let me know. Did you have one of their rum runners????? Yummers!!!! And yes, they sneak up on ya!
Glad you went there. Captiva is my favorite Island to visit. I enjoy the white sandy beaches and we like to snorkel there cause you usually can see a long way underwater and a lot of shells. My Boss had his wedding there on the beach and the reception at Tween waters.

I am in kinda a crabby mood today and I think I need a nap. So I will try to accomplish that. Chat with you later.


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Hi All,

Kind of a gloomy day here. I hope it stops for tomorrow as DS has a lacrosse game.

My Mom and Dad used to work on Captiva Island. After they retired they moved to Ft. Meyers and both of them got jobs at South Seas Plantation. My Dad was a dock hand and loved it and my Mom used to work in one of the boutiques. They used to rub elbows with some well known people and they had a ball. Raeanne, I'm glad that you had a great trip.

Dee, I am very happy that the mamo turned out ok. I had mine this past Monday and have not received any phone calls so I am assuming things are ok. I will get a letter in the mail, and I always hold my breath until it comes.

OK, I totally freaked out when I thought Jordin was going. I could not believe that voters thought there were others that were better (Chris and the bald guy should be the next to go). Unfortunately I think that Lakesha may be next. I was a big fan of hers at the beginning, but not so much now. I do think she is better than the bald one (sorry I just can't remember his name) and Chris though.

QOD: Tonight we are trying out a different Italian restaurant. DH loves Italian food so we are always on the hunt for different places. Tomorrow, Lacrosse and the usual laundry and cleaning. Sunday???? I like it that way!

Enjoy your weekend Ladies.

Love, Besh

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Hi all,
Yeah, I know I don't come by often, but I read more than I post. Apparently BJ has been away for awhile?

I saw the post by Susan asking if anyone was food combining, and it looks like no one replied. What is everyone here doing now? I think I eat closer to level 2, staying away from sugar and white flour, etc, and most carbs, even whole grain. I actually do better when I stay away from even the healthy carbs. I try to do lots of veggies, and still do my chocolate low-carb protein shakes. I haven't lost any more, though. It's frustrating, for as faithful as I am to eating "right". I remember how excited and happy I was when I lost 34 lbs. after only 3 months of following SS. My body adjusted, though, unfortunately.

I've been watching Americon Idol, too. They are all so good now, it's hard to see any of them leave. I've been watching Heroes, too, and Office Space, and renting DVD's from Netflix. Just finished watching Pursuit Of Happiness, and currently on The Secret. I'm totally into computer virtual worlds now, and playing Myst Online, Morrowind, and Return To Mysterious Island.

I've finished 10 oil paintings since I got here to Hawaii. I know some of you still remember when I moved. I'm not at all sorry I moved here, as it's a good place, but I get lonely, too. Not lonely enough to go through the winters anymore though. I think they will come and visit me again either this summer or next. My granddaughters are awesome girls, and I couldn't be happier with them or prouder of them.

I'll keep checking in with you. You are all important to me though I haven't been much involved lately. I wish we didn't have to lose track of people.

Take care and eat healthy!


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Good Morning Everyone.

Marci - THANK YOU!!!! I received my package yesterday and broke down and opened it last night. Just wonderful!!!!!

Marci sent me a cinnamon roll candle and plate. Smells like the real deal. James Herriot's book of cat stories and a book mark with a cat on it that looks like one of my own. I have read half of the book already! Pennsylvania Maple syrup, twizzlers to munch on while reading the book, a framed picture with two gals with large hats on a bench with the saying beneath it "Friends are flowers in the garden of life" plus, her cat or cats, sorry I don't remember if you had more than one, sent my three fur babies each a brass mini frame with the MEOW and a raised paw print on them. I will be getting their pic in there ASAP and have them on display. This all came in a beuatiful box with handles on it with different types of flowers on it. Just loved it all Marci "Thank You".
I will get a picture sent to you for the picture trail.

Donna - how are things?????

Amy - Nice to hear from you...I am gonna check out those virtual worlds on the web. I have not heard of them but they sound interesting.

Dee and NH Suzanne and all the northeast- I hope the rain subsides and your weather improves. The sunshine is coming!!!!!!

Have a great Sunday, relax and enjoy the day!!!!


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Just checking in to say "hello".

Amy, how wonderful to hear from you. Thanks for writing; we all miss you and I think about you under the palms painting away!

Maddie, I tried to come up with tickets for the Derby through my UK contacts, but had no luck. Hope you found a way to get there.

Gotta go see about starting some dinner before I spend the night here on this computer!


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