Philips Model 60PP920217F Chassis DPTV305F Will not turn on.

big_countryApril 23, 2006

For some reason my 60" RP TV just decided not to turn on anymore. It worked last night but not this morning. It does not seem to be getting any power. I tried another recepticle but still no luck. There is no click sound or light on the power button at all. I was thinking maybe the power supply or a fuse but I have not taken the back off of it to even look at it yet nor do I know what I would be looking for. Any ideas? It was manufactured in April 2003.

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I read on another web site that if I unplug the TV for 4 hours it will reset so I left it unplugged overnight and it worked this morning. Not sure what made it stop in the first place or what exactly had to be reset but seems to work now.

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Big Country,
I had the same problem happen to my Big Screen(exact same model as yours.) I am going to try resetting the television by unplugging it for the remainder of the day. Thanks!

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This happened to me as well. One day, middle of summer, the TV would not respond to turning on. I removed the screws from the very back wood cover (with all the holes where the power cord is) there were 12 or so of them and they are normal nut driver screws which came out easy. Right by the power cord is a fuse. I removed the fuse and wrapped tin foil around it (just a quick test since I thought the TV was broken anyway) and put the fuse back in so the tin foil made the connection and BAM I had TV again.

I also noticed additional adjustments for the color guns and convergence right there with easy access and since my red is a bit off I *may* go back and mess with them.

Anyway, don't leave the tin foil on like I did as if something was going out inside and it caused the fuse to blow to protect itself- more damage may happen if it goes out again and just keeps getting power. I doubt I will replace the tin foil but I should and thats the right way to do it.

This happend in the heat of summer if that helps.

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Hi i have a problem with this tv the problem that i am having is this set convergence will not line up i replace the chips that control the convergrnce after replacimg the chips now i can move the red cross hatch but now can't line up the small cross hatch witch is the top and bottom of the screen How do i move the lines in to place. email

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