I want to buy a cheap embroidery machine. Is there such a thing?

ilovepinkJuly 8, 2004

I think that I want to just start out with an embroidery only machine, or maybe a cheap sewing machine where I can add the attachments.

I was in Walmart and there was this really cheap (in price and construction) machine.

Do you all have any suggestions for one? Or do I continue just to go forth with buying the attachments for my Bernina?

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If you're looking for an embroidery only machine, I've heard alot of good things about the White 3300 which is what I was going to purchase until I decided to go with a Husqvarna Iris which is sewing and embroidery. You can find the White on line for around $489 new or at Joann's for $538.
Hope this helps.

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Is there anything cheaper out there? I would love to find something a tad bit cheaper if possible.

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If you check ebay, sometimes they have the White and Brother models pretty cheap. I saw the White (new in box, full warranty) just go for $265. That was lucky.

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I also didn't want to spend a lot of money on something that would sit in the corner & gather dust. The low-end White & Brother machines are essentially the same, and as the features go up, so does the cost.
I bought a refurbished Brother PE150 from an Ebay store (think it was Shamrock's Small Appliances) with a 6 month warrenty for $300. I had to send the first one back, but received another immediately. They usually come with hoop, bobbins, instructional video, etc., as needed to get you started. I bought a Medeira thread sampler from JoAnn's online (18 spools for $20 + shipping). That was a year ago. I've added stabilizer, extra hoops and some thread, and have worked the little machine like a mule with no problem (except my own mistakes & incompetence).
I also bought second-hand digitizing software & card reader box of an older version, so it was cheaper. It does just fine, and I mostly use to download the hundreds of free patterns available online.

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Check with your local sewing machine dealers, too. They sell used machines that they take as trade ins. I wonder, do those 50% off coupons JoAnn's has apply to machines?

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I bought the Janome 300 E new for about 1200 dollars. Love the way designs stored on compact flash card . It does 5 by 7 something embroidery field.Dislike the small 4by 4 emb field emb machine Use Embird to convert to jef. Lots of freebies out there seem to include jef format now
Use my version 3 Artista softwear to design ,fonts create and manipulate designs too Just my humble opinion

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The Jo-Ann's coupons always specifically exclude machines.

I bought a Viking Iris and love it. However, the cards are quite expensive, and while I had the money to buy the software and card-reader, it's an expensive necessity for someone looking to do this on limited funds.

The Viking dealerships at Jo-Ann's often sell demo models for substantial mark-downs. They carry White and Viking.

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I would not buy a cheap machine of any kind. Likely you will have problems
with it. It would be better to look for a quality machine that is used and/or
refurbished. eBay has deals.

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Sue, I realized after I posted that the area where they sell machines is a separate store - JoAnn's leases the space to Viking or some other manufacturer. DUH.

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I have been counseled that a cheap embroidery only machine will annoy you in time, and you will use it a lot more than you expect, as we all know well. Free and cheap designs are widely available all over the web. A good combo machine (both my machines were good, bought used), according to Consumer Reports review three years ago, does the regular sewing tasks much better than a sewing-only machine, so it is not going to sit, no matter what. I can certainly sympathize with the economy, but it is better to wait and buy a better used machine than to spend maybe half that on a machine you come to hate and don't use. If you check your local sewing store (not a Joann, that has a sub contract with Viking for their larger stores), they usually have machines from people who have traded up just like buying a used car from a new car dealers trades. They often have all different brands, because they take anything in trade, and I have seen some incredible bargains in combo machines from Janome, Elna, as well as Babylock and Brother - at a time when I wasn't buying. Take your time about it, even if you have the bug, and check back often. You can get some real gems from trades.

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Diayag - when I bought my Brother machine (combo sewing and embroidery) last year at a show, the ladies there told me to hang on to my old machine, so I could be sewing while the Brother was embroidering. Well, we gave the old machine to our niece, and I'm still trying to convince hubby that I need an inexpensive sewing only machine, so I can sew while the Brother is embroidering! Next time I'll listen to advice!

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pliz send me some saples and price list on the embroidery machines

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I was saving for an embroidery CE200 Singer Quantum but before I got money saved for it.... took a longer than expected. I decided to purchase a $200.00 Singer electronic machine with 140 stitches, and use that while waiting for my embroiery machine. I had worn out two machines since 1969 and I was now without any. That was about 4 or 5 years ago, and my temporary machine is still working like a hero and I am not sorry as I now use my embroidery machine for just that, and the electronic sewing machine for construction and garment sewing. I make tote bags and do embroidery on them, using both machines. Walmart has a Brother machine that does a lot of different buttonholes, and scads of stithes for about $200.00 - $250.00 don't remember for sure the price but it looks like a machine I would consider. Machines improve frequently, so I figured a cheaper machine would allow me to upgrade sooner....if something newer and better came along.

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