What do you love at the Chanel Counter?

funkyartFebruary 18, 2014

I have been working very long hours on a very stressful project and I so need and deserve a pick-me-up. I am almost completely out of my chanel foundation so I am going to run out quickly at lunch to pick some up-- and thanks to Mtnrd mentioning her bag full of chanel makeup, I've decided I'll use that time to splurge on some fun stuff.

What products do you like from Chanel? What can't I leave the store without?

I use their aqua luminiere foundation (ONLY because the discontinued the teinte naturale that I'd used for the previous 30 yr!). And in general, like a natural look for all my makeup-- pinks, browns, nudes.

I am definitely going to get my foundation, some shadows, a new blush brush and _______ . Help me fill in the blank!

I should tell you that I am not a fan of their lip stuff. Honestly, I cheap out on my lips. I wear either alba gloss or loreal lipstick. I have a few chanel glosses but i hate the texture and taste.

Looking forward to some new product suggestions!

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Well, I think they have the best mascara, period.

I also think they have the best foundation, but you already know that.

I also like their lip liner pencil in Nude. Subtle but effective.

I also use their brown eyeliner pencil, though recently i've switched to a grey blue one by Nars.

I like their browgel, but you can buy something as good at the drugstore IMHO.

As for lipstick, you need to give it a try again. The huge difference is that Chanel stains your lips, rather than just wearing off. Most brands don't.

Why not have a makeover and see what they do?

I do have to say, i don't use any of their skincare. I use Noxzema, witch hazel, and Garnier for moisturizer. I have used Chanel in the past but I don't think it's worth it.

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Thanks so much, Mtn!

So which mascara do you use? I should try the lip liner-- never used one before!

I wont have time for a makeover but I wouldnt get one at my dept store counter anyhow. The salespeople aren't all that knowledgeable here. When I shopped in Phila , they KNEW their products and they knew my likes-- so their recommendations were always dead on.

Thanks again.. it'll be a fun break.

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I agree about the mascara. I can't remember which one though. For sure not the waterproof one. For some reason I can't seem to search the forums on my eye pad and I am pretty sure I posted about the mascara before with the specific one.

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I agree, that you should try their lipstick again. I wear their Coco Rouge line. I like a little shine and it's perfect.

Love their mascara. A new eye shadow is also a great pick me up.

I just recently switched from using Chanel foundation to a line called Colorescience.

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I don't use their cosmetics, but I have been a Chanel perfume girl since I was in my teens. I know scent is personal, but about a year ago I discovered Chance au tendre and, while I knew I loved it, I was amazed at the response I got from others. Co-workers, the shampoo girl at my salon, strangers in line at the store - everyone wants to know what it is. When I wore #5, I would get the occasional comment, but with Chance it is truly ridiculous. I've now stopped telling people what it is because I don't want the whole city with "my" scent (I figure you are far enough away that we don't have to compete :)

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Annie Deighnaugh

I've never tried their make up but I do like Chanel Cristalle as a daytime fragrance....

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OMG OMG you have to use lipliner. Get it in nude so it's not too much. First use a little lip moisturizer (I like the pots of Blistex). Then outline your lips with the pencil. Smudge it a bit, inward towards the lips. The use the other end (lipbrush) to paint your lips, working from the outside in.

Here is a link that might be useful: I use this, in brown

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I like Chanel's Inimitable mascara (regular, not waterproof, not Intense) and Le Volume de Chanel (regular). For a more everyday or a lighter made-up look, I just use a couple coats of Inimitable mascara. To amp up my lashes even more, I start with Inimitable, and then add a coat (or two!) of Le Volume over that (concentrating on my outer lashes).

I like the Inimitable for lengthening, and curling, and use the Le Volume to add additional volume, as the name suggests.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chanel Mascaras

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Hey funky girl! I'm not a chanel fan, but I agree with the idea of a make-over. No telling what all you'll come home with! Be sure and report back to us. Now go have some fun!


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Not ignoring you all-- just a busy day. LOVE all the recommends. I am going this evening rather than at lunch (realities of the day) but will stop back tonight to let you know what i got!

Thanks so much!! Oh.. and I'd love to hear more about your colorscience foundation. I *loved* the teinte naturale but the color match on the aqua luminescence is just not as good. I'd switch in a minute if i could find a good color match in a light weight but medium coverage foundation with matte or semi matte finish.

I dont think my skin is all that crazy but it's really hard to find a color match. While my skin isnt dark, I have a lot of red in my tone. I wear a pretty dark color in the range (beige 40)

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Another Chanel fragrance girl here. I have been wearing a light touch of Coco for evenings since this perfume was launched in the early 80s. For daytime I wear Mademoiselle.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

No. 5 since the 1960s.

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Another Chanel Coco Mademoiselle wearer here and now I'm ordering
the mascara online...thanks for the recommendation Mtnrd & cat_mom !
(LIPLINER-definitely...nude to match lip color )

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I used to love the Allure perfume. Until Jo Malone turned my head...

Anyway, this is timely because after using Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer for years, it seems clear in my vacation photos that I need something more -- more of a foundation. Maybe it's time to visit the Chanel counter.

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I didnt leave the office until almost 9-- so will try to go tomorrow night.

Tina! Thanks for the shout out! I'd do the makeover if i was going to travel to the city.. but here, the staff just isnt knowledgeable enough. I have to go in pretty much knowing what i want.

SueB.. if you've been using tinted moisturizer, i think the only foundation you'll like is the one I am using-- it's the vitalumier aqua (i was referring to it incorrectly).. it's ultra light but has good coverage. They may try to talk you out of it-- but the others are just too too heavy for me (i am a moisturize and go girl in the summer).

I wore chanel in my teens and 20s but I've been wearing no fragrance other than powders for the last 25+ years.

Thank you all--sorry to not name you all but I am beat. Special thanks to you, Mtn for the inspiration to splurge.. and for encouraging me to get over my lip liner phobia (I always hated seeing women at the end of the day with liner but no lipstick lol! It's frightful!)

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Funky--how will I recognize you when we go for Margaritas if you get all this glam goin' on? :D

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HA! the only thing better than an hour at the chanel counter is an hour at the chanel counter followed by margaritas with Bee!!!

So I finally made it today.

I told the guy there (yes-- a guy!) that I was going to be grown up and wear a lip liner! He wasn't prepared for my sense of humor lol. I made him stumble for words a few times. So anyhow, they sold the last natural lip liner (lightest they have) to the woman ahead of me. But he did tell me that for my selected lip stuff, he didnt recommend a liner. He said one was too light and they both were too shiny. Whatev. I'll pick one up online.

I didnt have much time (I just disappeared at 3pm) so I just walked through and pointed to what I wanted. I got some new shadows-- a quad and a d'ombre pot, a backup of the tweed blush they just discontinued, the le volume mascara, ligne graphique eyeliner in bronze, my normal foundation and two brushes... oh and coco rouge shine lipstick and a gloss in "giggle".

Wasnt super thrilled with the colors today .. but will be more so when summer comes around. All in all a great little sojourn from the day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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whoa le volume *really* works. I have very thin, short eyelashes-- but the le volume brings them to life! It probably won't be my everyday mascara (i don't even wear it every day) but it is amazing.

I did not get the eyelash primer. I told him I had a 10 min limit to makeup application (which is a lie-- it's closer to 5) and there's no way I'd use it.. but now that I see I actually have lashes, I might try it.

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Hooray! Now you have to go out into the world and BAT THOSE LASHES!


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funky (or anyone), how does the mascara hold up? I'm currently using Clinique's lash power because it is compromise between a waterproof and non-waterproof. It doesn't rub off or run with rain water, etc., but comes off in sort of tubes off the lashes when you wash with warm water. Here on the CDN prairies, my face is often soaked by falling snow or rain by the time I get anywhere, so I have to have something that won't dissolve and run, but regular waterproof is so horrid, I've never liked using it. I'm tempted by funky art's description of voluminous lashes, but don't want to deal with black streaks (which can look sexy if you're 20 and rolling out of bed, but not so much if you're 50 and crawling into work).

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Mtn., I ordered the nude lipliner. After reading the reviews, I'm glad I did. Thanks!

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daisychain01, I think both mascaras hold up pretty well, especially compared to others I've worn when I've gotten free samples. I "kinda" like "They're Real" from Benefit, too (love the brush!), but find it flakes a bit by the end of the day. Not as much volume with that one either. No streaks with either of the Chanel mascaras that I had mentioned. Maybe a little in the crease(s) under my eyes at the end of the night, but I can never tell if it's mascara, liner, or shadow at that point!

I had tried the Inimitable Intense mascara from Chanel when that first came out, but didn't like it. I found it to be a little "cakey" (?), and I think it dried out quickly, as well. I don't wear make-up every day, so I feel I should get at least three months use out of a tube of mascara (one that is rarely used some months, and is tightly closed between uses). Especially mascara with a $30 price tag. That was why I had stopped using Lancome's Definicils mascara. I loved it, but the last year or so that I was using it (and I think I was wearing make-up every day at the time), the tube would dry out very, very quickly. My friend wears it and is happy with it, so that might be another one to try if the Chanel mascara doesn't work out for you.

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I was quite the sight yesterday-- had Bee laughing (at me!!?) when I described my work-at-home outfit + "fancy pance" mascara and eyeliner haha.

daisychain, I have *very* watery eyes and basically shed the eyeliner within 10 min but the le volume stayed all day. I *really* like it. I had the same experience cat_mom described with the inimitable mascara drying out.. but like her, I dont wear mascara every day. Le Volume comes in colors-- i ended up with black because I already have a purple mascara and wasnt interested in the red or khaki green. The guy at the counter suggested red for my coloring but i spend all this money to cover UP the red. I dont want to bring it out.

So I was hesitant to say anything about the male chanel guy-- until my bf pointed out that I wasn't being sexist.. I was being self absorbed! hahah I was really frustrated that he was more focused on telling me what HE liked and what HE wore than what would work for ME. I am very clear on the colors i wear-- what looks good, what doesnt. I know my pinks.. I know what browns, golds and blues work. I would have been happy to have a male who fawned all over me.. was much less thrilled with one who spent my precious hour petting himself. He even put the colors on HIS hand. I told him more than once to try MY hand since he was so much paler. Ugh.

BF asked how much i was into with my splurge-- I said "more than your tablet and less than your computer" hahaha.

Glad you had some fun too Oakley-- but i can't imagine buying makeup online unless you know the products. Maybe I am too caught up in the color match thing. But especially with lip liner (and foundation), I want the perfect color-- nothing ickier than a distinct lip liner outline (although the brush will let you blend it).

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Mtn., I was in need of some lipliner so I ordered the one you recommended, in Nude.

Now I have brown lips. lol. I'm fair skinned so I look horrid!

I read it will go with all lip colors, and the line went on brown, so I spread it out to the rest of my lips. I put pink lipstick on top and along with having pinkeye, I could give kids nightmares. :)

The tube says "Nude." Help?

Here is a link that might be useful: Lipliner

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Oakley, I am fair too.

A few suggestions. First, put something like this on your lips. It makes everything else go on a little easier.

Then, blunt the tip of the liner pencil just a bit ... a brand new lip liner pencil is so sharp that it makes a very severe line IMHO. Then, outline your lips. If you do it very lightly, you won't even see it. So the key is press hard enough to see it but not too hard. Again, the Blistex underneath will help. When you are done you may want to blur the line a little with your finger, feathering toward the inside on your lip.

After you've put on your lipstick, you should have to look very, very closely to even tell you used lipliner. Otherwise, youve done it wrong.

You should put your lipstick on with the lipbrush that the liner comes with otherwise it is unlikely you can follow the precise line of the lipliner and you will have gaps. What color lipstick are you wearing?

They do have a color lighter then nude, I find it too light.


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But if I put Blistex on first, wouldn't it take away from the "long lasting" effect of the liner and lipstick?

I have some laying around here somewhere, so I'll give it a try.

I use different lipsticks, it just depends on my mood. Most are in the dark to light pink spectrum.

Right now I'm in to Stila Lipglaze. I bought a pack of 10 and they're fun to wear. I don't find them too sticky like the reviews say.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stila Lipglaze

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Oakley, it doesn't for me. Maybe if you used a lot it would.

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Long time, big time Chanel everything user (most everything) and some of their lip liners, lipsticks and occasionally various makeups/powders will "turn" or change colors......I am very fair with very light eyes and hair - and some colors look great at first but not good at all maybe an hour later (turn orange)....when I have mentioned this experience at the counter or with the event makeup artists (when they are hoping you will buy the new lipstick color) they all acknowledge this with a quiet, "yes that sometimes happens".....probably just a chemistry thing ....so send it back, the major stores (Neimans, Nordstrom, Saks) are always great about it.....whether in store or online purchases.

Late to the party but will add that a Chanel fav item for me is the Stylo Yeux Waterproof......in espresso....this is one of their best sellers.....it is a twist up waterproof eyeliner and it has a sharpener at the other end....I generally don't like a lot of waterproof things but it stays put all day and comes off when you wash it off...

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Funky - I'm not a lipstick person. I love color on my looks and need it because I am fair but have dark hair and eyes. Bright, even deep colors seem to look best on me. I prefer something with some shine - although not too glossy (not anymore at my age LOL) or lip stain. I wouldn't use liner with those and am not a fan of liner anyway.

A good example of how much I do not like to shop - I was unaware that we now have a Sephora in the city where I work. Went there recently after discovering that Belk no longer carried Benefit cosmetics. Found a lip stain there that I fell in love with!

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Just had to pop in and announce that I bought the purple mascara at Chanel today! Oooh, I'm so edgy. I can't even tell that it's purple at all. But the very nice salesperson told me it would be "gorgeous" on me so, well, I had to get it. I'll report back if I get stopped on the street with comments about how gorgeous my eyes are.

In Sephora, a very helpful and rather blunt salesperson almost yelled at me for wearing oil free makeup, so I brought home some samples of non-oil-free foundation and tinted moisturizer (I've been using the oil free tinted moisturizer as my foundation, but feel like I could use a bit more coverage sometimes) from Laura Mercier. She suggested that I might also give the Clinique Even Better makeup a try, as it's her best seller.

The Sephora lady also gave me hair styling tips. Go figure.

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I tried a few foundations before settling on CLinique Even Better. It really is even better. :) Well, it is for my skin color. the really nice person at the chanel or some other counter sent me over there saying that bobbi brown, chanel, etc had more orange tint or something whcih looked really awful on me. I was willing to spend more, but they were very helpful.

I really want to try Jane Iredale or some other natural brand at some point. I think I will go get a make over and see what happens, but not ready yet. :)

I have been thinking of the CHanel mascara. I really did love it. Not sure why I stopped buying it. I think it was the stupid chemicals. Giving up chemical mascara seems like boiling the ocean though.....

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I'm gonna need to see some pics of all you "Hotties" out there, wearing all your "Warpaint", before I can truly judge the effectiveness of your techniques...;-) ;-)

I'll admit it...I'm just trying to help!
(again...I'm winking here...;-)) lol!


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LOL Faron!

Sue, you, rock star, you! LOL I originally bought the purple for my sister (who has much lighter coloring than I do and who wears a lot of purples). I ended up keeping it because the woman told me how nicely it would work with my green eyes and purple glasses. I don't see it-- but I do notice it on others and in photos. All that said, I put the purple aside because I love love love the le volume mascara and I got that in noir .. did you get the le volume or inimitable?

Too funny, cosmetic counter people/artists (or whatever you call them) are always yelling at me to use stronger moisturizers and to give up my oil-free makeup. "You are using products you used in your 20s.. " a gentle way of saying, "you are SO not in your 20s anymore!" lol

I have some heavier duty moisturizers now but I absolutely hate oil+ makeups. The texture, smell and breathability. Sue, you might want to give this one a try-- it's an ultra-light foundation but it gives good coverage for my aged peri-menopausal skin. It can also be put on in "layers" for more coverage. (link below)

Boop.. I've never thought the foundations were too orange at Chanel (though definitely some of the lipsticks and blushes are). There are two bases available-- rose and beige. The rose is def had too much pigment for me-- and it did lean orange despite it's name. I wear the beige base which I much prefer because it neutralizes the red in my skin tone and let's me add color back where I want it.

It is SO important to get a good color match. I had a terrible time finding this foundation when Chanel discontinued my old one. I tried other brands, tried a few chanel counters. I actually even returned one which I have NEVER done before. I wear beige 40 which is on the darker end of the medium scale. I am not dark complected but i have *that* much color in my skin. Anything lighter looks like i am made up to play the corpse bride!

I also want to give a shout out to whomever got me to try their lipsticks again. I LOVE the coco rouge shine. It is everything you said it was.. I wasnt in love with the colors my store had but i see chanel has a few discontinued colors that should work better. I hate to buy a $30 lipstick without trying it but I love it enough that I may just take a couple of chances.

Here is a link that might be useful: vita luminiere

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I got a call from my local Chanel counter to let me know all chanel products are 15% off this weekend.. 20% off if I preorder today (too late) or tomorrow. If only i'd have waited, I'd have saved $100. Oh well.. I love the coco rouge lipstick so I'll pick up a few more.

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