What thread is best?

msubulldog1July 30, 2006

I am about to purchase a Brother SE-270D and need to know about thread. What kind is best? Is there a brand that is better than others? What about the collections of colors that are out there? How long do they last? HELP !!

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I don't have a Brother. If its an embroidery machine, you need embroidery thread, and sewing machine thread for regular sewing. Its says sewing machine or embroidery on the spool. I use Mettler for embroidery. Do not use the dollar store thread. You pay alot for your machine, take care of it and use the right thread.Some machines do not like some thread brands, My machine does not like Sulky thread. It will act up something terrible. I use Gutterman sewing machine thread. B.

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I'm assuming you're asking about embroidery thread since you're in the embroidery forum. I prefer Isacord thread which is polyester and does not break easily, fade or bleed. There are over 360 colors, and I have almost all of them now. I order mine from threadetc.com, usually ordering 10 different colors of the 1000M cones at a time from the monthly special column which, including shipping, is still cheaper than local dealers charge. Quick service too. The website is sorta difficult to navigate, but click on Navigate and then on Specials, and it should bring you to the Isacord section. For bobbin thread I use 60 weight bobbin thread on a cone unless I'm embroidering lace designs that require matching bobbin thread.

There is a very good article about all the different types of threads in the August/September 2004 issue of "Threads" magazine. It states that for sewing the garment industry often uses polyester thread (page 59).

I use cones of serger thread in my serger, but there is a difference between the cheapo brands and better brands like Maxi-lock. I understand the cheapo brands contain shorter fibers, are less strong and make more fuzz.

It's an interesting article worth a look.


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I also use Isacord thread for embroidery. It is the best polyester thread and it has the thread locking spools so you never have a tangled mess..and make sure you use Maxi Lock and not cheap brands for your serger...Machines are so expesive and they deserve the best thread. Chris

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I also have an SE279D, and I have always used Coats machine Embroidery. It comes in a mini king spool that will work in the 270, but place it in the auto-loader carefully. You can by it at Wal-Mart. I also have a commercial 16-needle machine and I only use Madera high-speed thread on that machine. Madera is hands down the most popular thread in the industry.

Different brands of thread may or may not work for some machines not because of the brand itself, but because of the thread construction. Some threads are made with different 'twists', and can even be clockwise or counter-clockwise as they are wrapped around the core filament. "S" direction or right twist for single strand thread (such as spun), and "Z" direction or left twist for ply yarn (such as core and twisted multifilament). You almost always want "Z" twist.

Embroidery machines are more demanding because of the speeds involved and the sheer volume, laying down 12,000 stitches on each other in one go is much different than a few hundred along a hem.

That being said, you have to decide between rayon and polyester. Rayon is a bit smoother running and somewhat more brilliant in color. Polyester is much stronger and chlorine resistant, at the expense of a slightly duller appearance. For me I use only polyester because I can run the machine a bit faster and have fewer breaks.

If you switch between rayon and polyester you may have to tweak the upper tension a bit. Loosen it a bit for rayon. Rayon and polyester do not flow though the machine the same. If your tension is too tight, the rayon will break more quickly than polyester at the same speed. Remember, thread tension effects the loop formed as the hook rotates past the needle, to small of a loop (to tight) will cause a dropped stitch. The proper backing will go a long way in this area. Once you find the thread you like, make your adjustments, experiment, and stick with it, it will save you a lot of headaches.

You might look at http://www.embroidery-supplies.com/iwwida.pvx?;products_no_tree?comp=003

Hope this helps.

B. Hershey
Designs de la Carmen

Here is a link that might be useful: Designs de la Carmen

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I recently moved from Isocord to Hemingworth. Both are 40 wt 100% polyester, but the Hemingworth has a Rayon-looking sheen without the break-tendency of rayon.

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