Brother PE 150 Once and For All

paonderJuly 4, 2004

Hi all. I've just found this helpful forum, and want to open a can of worms here. I have a Brother PE150 embroidery machine. I know for a fact that Simplicity cards can be used. Does anyone know if White cards can also be used? What other cards definitely fit? I understand the format is PES. Can the Amazing Box or Magic Box be used with the PE150? Let's discuss this machine "ad nauseum," as I want to FINALLY clear up misconceptions. Thanks, and I'm happy to be here. ~~Pat

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yes white cards fit this machine I use to have a list but my computer crashed and I lost all my files.There are several that fit this machine I have one.Magic box I was told you can't use with pe-150 The Ulitmate box you can and simplicity box you can.I am not sure about the Amazing box
What do you want to clear up misconceptions????????What misconceptions?

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You can use a Magic box with a PE-150...I know, I have one and use it. I also got software with it that will convert .art files to just about any format.

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Perhaps "misconceptions" is the wrong term. "Opinions" instead of "facts" might be a better choice. I spoke with a very helpful salesperson at my local JoAnn's yesterday. She confirmed that White cards fit the Brother PE 150. That made me quite happy, since I have just won four White cards on an eBay Auction. I think I'm leaning towards the Ultimate Box as opposed to the Magic or Amazing box.

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The White and any other PES based manufactured cards go directly in the machine, work the machine menus to pick your design, edit and sew it out.

Your ultimate box will save you loads of money and shortly pay for itself because you can download the freebies and transfer it to the box card, and then insert that card in your machine.

As you may be finding out, the manufactured cards can get expensive with only a few designs per card. I have a few and started looking at each design element on a card to find what can be combined to give a new design. I think I even found a few using the machine's alphabet.

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Stitchntime9 and redpenny ... thanks for all the helpful info. I've had the machine for a couple years, and haven't really used it to its potential. My interest is starting to peak again, and this time, it just may go "over the top." I'm a crafter, and always looking for new things to offer my customers. Thanks. ~~Pat

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Hi, Pat - I have a Brother machine and an Amazing Box, and they work together just fine.

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msmeow - Thanks so much. I'm heading for the Ultimate Box as soon as the wallet will allow. It seems to be cheaper than the Amazing or Magic Box. I do appreciate all the positive responses. I'm thrilled to be a part of this forum, and will probably be posting another question that has previously been discussed!! LOL ~~Pat

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Will these boxes Magic, Amazing and the others fit ALL of Brothers embroidery/sewing machines? I have no clue what all that is........I am trying to learn a few things about this because I want to buy me an embroidery/sewing machine. I need a sewing machine as well so I was just going to get both in one machine. I've been sewing for years but never did the embroidery yet.
What is a ATA card and will it work on a brother? Also which one of the Brother embroid/sewing machines has the larger hoop area?

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I have a Brother PE150. I use the Ultimate Box. The machine takes a PES format.

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Thank you Colleen! Now what is a PES format? :)

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Ok I have read and learned a few things and found out what the format meant. There are several machines that have this PES format. I like the Brother machines and it seems like their accessories aren't as high as some of the others. Am I wrong about that?

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I am a new owner of the SE270D from walmart. I also got the PED basic from walmart. The only bad things so far seem to be: 1) 4 inch field, which I knew from the start, I'm learning to rehoop. 2) gotta get a program that will convert files to .pes (not a big deal, but have found a couple so far I want!) 3) have to find a program that will allow me to resize a design so that it will fit on my hoop!
So, that's it so far, wanna have some fun, get some varigated thread! It's like a whole new world! LOL

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Lisa, have you looked at Embird? It's great.

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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I need to embroider two separate words on one piece. Is there a way to insert a space?


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Hi I just bought a PED Basic for my brother PE-150 embroidery machine and the darn basic keeps on saying that I have an old original card and I need a new original card. What can I do and what is an new original card and will it fit my machine. I love my machine but the ped basic I bought so I could download patterns on the internet. This is driving me crazy

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