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rich74July 27, 2006


I am seeking someone who owns a Janome 300E machine that is from the 2004 time frame - maybe a little before and maybe a little after. We had the machine but traded it in on another. On that machine are a number of built in designs. On the printed sheets of the designs that comes with the 300E is a rose design - number 19 on the printed sheets. It is a stem with two roses that lean at a 45° angle to the right. I tried to copy that design from the machine to a compact flash card but was unable and actually was told that it couldn't be done. I was in a Janome store yesterday and the clerk showed me that you can copy a design from the machine. However, the machines in the stores are a newer version and now have a completely different set of designs and this rose is not in the set. Is there anyone out there that has this older version with the rose, is able to copy it to a flash card and is willing to give me a copy. My wife would be very grateful. I of course would supply the card. Please e-mail me if you are interested. Thank you.



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I have the Janome 300E that I bought last October and that design is there - BUT, what you're asking is illegal. You can't give designs away. What you can do is look at all the websites that offer designs and either find a free one or buy one. Go to the link below and you'll see a very pretty rosebud free as a test design. It stitches out beautifully. There are millions about - just go hunting!

Here is a link that might be useful: Zundt free rosebud

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Also look on the Janome website...they have free designs also. Most of the manufacturers do have free designs to download. Also, try AnntheGran.

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TO Stitchtime9,
Thank you for your message. I have looked at many sites for that particular design including the Janome and AnntheGran sites. Looking to get that particular design.

To Islay,
Just so you are not misled, what I am asking for is not illegal. The designs on the Janome Machines (other than Disney) are free to use. Remember, we previously owned the machine.

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Yes, but you don't any more. I was amazed at how tight the copyright laws are on embroidery designs. You don't BUY a DESIGN, you buy the license to use it. They may not be given by one person to another. I don't like it any more than you do. For further info, go to the Martha pullen forum where you will get all your questions answered.
Is there any particular reason why it has to be this specific design?

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Islay is correct. Secondly, Disney designs are proprietary to Brother, not Janome.

What she failed to mention is that we have a short fuse when someone asks us to do stuff like this, and we just don't. This type of question has caused posting wars in the past...we just don't want to cope with another one.

People have been pressured into doing something only to have to whiplash back at them legally, almost entrapment, and don't.

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To Islay & Stitchtime:
Hopefully this will set the record straight. I contacted Jaonome about the design I am looking to obtain and about selling it on a garmet. Here is the message I sent:

To: Customer Relations
Subject: Message submitted from Janome.com through Other Request Form

The following information was submitted via the Janome Online website:
Model: 300E

My question is regarding the built in designs on the 300E. Are they Janome original or are they licensed. There is a design that we would like to put on a garmet to be sold. I read your statements about what can and cannot be sold but I could not find out anything about the designs on the machine. Thank you for your help.

Here is their response:
Dear Rich,
The built ins are considered Janome originals.
Thank you for contacting Janome.

Sara Hellik
Consumer Relations Supervisor
Janome America, Inc.

Following is the statement Janome has on their FAQs regarding the selling items embroidered with Janome designs:

Can't I sell items embroidered with Janome's designs?
The designs contained within JanomeÂfs PC-Design Cards, PC-Design CD-ROMs and Memory Cards are all protected by copyright and fundamentally cannot be sewn on items to be sold. However, in order to ensure the continued sewing pleasure of our valued customers, Janome has established guidelines allowing the use of designs under the following conditions:

Your purchase of a LICENSED embroidery card or CD-ROM entitles you to the following privileges:
 You can sew out the designs for your personal, non-commercial use (designs cannot be sewn on items to be sold, be it for profit or non-profit)
Your purchase of a JANOME ORIGINAL embroidery card or CD-ROM entitles you to the following additional privileges to the above:
 You can sew out the designs on an item to be sold (Janome makes no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, for the embroidered item)
 You can change the size and/or color of the design

The bottom line is you can sell items with Janome original designs but cannot any that are licensed.

Now I will continue with my search for the rose design.

PS: I do appreciate folks trying to uphold copyright laws. I obey them myself.

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I noticed that you failed to ask them if you can get a copy of a design from anyone who has a previous series of 300E machine you owned and sold and use it on your new 300E machine you now own that does not have the rose design. Asking Janome that question would get a correct answer to your original posting about your problem with the rose design.

We all know the rules about purchased designs, etc., so your last posting point is moot. You have to ask Janome a direct question to get a direct answer.

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