percolator needs new electrical cord ... where?

vieja_gwMarch 16, 2008

I love my old Procter-Silex glass percolator but the detachable plug-in electrical cord end is crumblimg & I can't find a place that still sells the detachable cords anymore ... tried appliance & electrical dealers to no avail.

Any ideas where these cords may still be made/sold? Most new percolators have the cord already built in. My glass one (& two spares!) I bought over E-Bay & dearly love the clear glass ones (one even lighted up when perking!)

Thanks for any ideas!

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Woods Industries (sold at major hardware stores)

they make cords with different spacing.
is yours 1/2" spacing, both pins are the same size ?

1/2" spacing between pins:
(pins shown in picture not to scale)

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