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ilmbgMarch 4, 2008

Has anybody heard anything about the tv's that are supposed to come out this year? The ones that are 3cm thick, do not have lights behind the screen, are cheaper to run. I keep thinking I will see something....

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Yes, both LCDs and Plasma sets are coming out with thin profiles. They also use lower power (at least in case of Plasma). The lights are still there in case of LCD though as you would not see the picture otherwise. Plasma is self lit so it never had any lights.

I doubt that power saving is that huge though as to wait for them. The current crop of flat panels have excellent picture finally. So if you need one, you should feel free to buy them.

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You are probably thinking of the OLED tv that Sony showed this year. So far, it is only available in 11" size.

Here is a link that might be useful: More OLED information than you are probably looking for.

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jdbiilp- Yes, that is the one! It sounds great- I can't wait until they come out! I hope the price is not sky high, and that it comes out soon. I bought a flat screen(not thin) about 5 years ago- 32"- $800. Now the LCD are only that! It pays to wait a bit sometimes. I will try to find out more about the OLED.... Thanks.

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OLED is long ways off in large sizes. But thin LCDs and Plasma will be here soon. You can read about both here:

Per my note above, I expect to thin LCD and Plasma to show up by holliday this year or first half of next year.

Here is a link that might be useful: OLED and thin LCDs

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