Need help with inserting memory card

isbellproJuly 27, 2004

I recently purchased a Brother 170D embroidery machine and did not have any problems until I tried to use my first memory card. With the machine turned off, I inserted the Doll Face #39 card. When I turned the machine on, it started blinking and clicking. When it stopped, it wouldn't let me select the design I wanted. I was able to select one and was able to complete the first color, but I had to leave so I turned the machine off. When I turned the machine back on, it blink and clicked for a long time. Then it wouldn't let me go back and select the design I started.

Has anyone had this problem? Did I do something wrong? Is the card or my machine damaged? I am started to get that sick feeling like I just spent a whole bunch of money and now I broke it!


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I have a brother PE-150 First did you try a another card?
I had to return my brother pe-150 because the same thing happened to me.Only mine went blank on the screen.You have to have the machine off to put the card in and turn it off before removing it.There was something wrong with mine and not by design cards.I have a new pe-150 knock on wood NO PROBLEMS!

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Thanks redpenny. At least I know I am not crazy. I tried it again and it worked. No explaination and I am sure I had turned the machine off.

Here is a new problem. I just purchased PED Basic and downloaded a design from the internet onto the blank memory card included. When I inserted it into my machine, I got this error message:

This card cannot work.
Turn off power and change to embroidery card.

Does everybody have these problems? Please help.

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Perhaps it is in the software download and not the card.
Also is the download the size for your machine. Check your
PED basics manual it may tell you about error messages.
I am not familiar with the PED box.Also perhaps download a few more designs you may have to unzip them to use them.

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If this was a compressed zipped file, did you unzip the downloaded file first on your computer and then use the PED basic software to transfer the .pes format file you need?

Many design files have multiple formats so you have to unzip the compressed files to get to the .pes format you need.

I have a PE-150 and if you put the card in the wrong way or have the power on, it will squeal at you. If you are going to embroider a dense or large design, the clicking is the machine reading the file...just remembered that from my manual.

Flickering is never good. If the screen was flickering, it was definitely a power problem. Either end of the cord could have been loose, or if you don't have it on a surge protector, there could have been a power surge or lack thereof going through your house or you had too many things feeding from one electrical circuit and not necessarily the same outlet--like the iron, television, other sewing machine, and then you go and turn another lamp or overhead light on--you will see something dim or start to click.

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We have a PE190D and just set up PED Basic, copied some .pes patterns to the card but when we loaded the card into the machine we got the same message
"This card cannot work, etc... " as did isbellpro (above).

Has anyone seen / solved this problem?

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I did resolve the problem. If I remember correctly, it had to do with inserting the card into the box before attaching it to the computer. Try disconnecting, rebooting, re-inserting the card in the box, then re-inserting the box's cable into your pc.

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Thanks for the info Isbellpro, but unfortunately that didn't help. We have found a way to make it work.

Select the samllest hoop size (100 x 100) and then load the desired patterns. Write the patterns to the card and then use the card in the embroidery machine (Brother PR190D in our case).

If a larger hoop size is used (say 130 x 180 which we have) then the process does not work and we get the message
"This card cannot work.
Turn off power and change to embroidery card. "

I assume the real problem, in our case at least, is that the pattern is enlarged by the PED-Basic software depending on the hoop size specified, and that the pattern becomes too big to load into the machine OR the PED Basic s/w genertes erors in the pattern file for a 130 x 180 hoop size.

So... we are now going fine.

It would be really nice if Brother would
1) acknowlwdge this problem,
2) put information in the brother web site FAQs about it and how to work around.
3) put a meaningful error message on the embroidery machine
4) fix the PED Basic s/w

Let's see what happens.

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