Ultimate Box vs Simplicity Box

redpennyJuly 25, 2004

My husband has told me within the next month I would be able to get a box for my embroidery machine. I now have Windows XP. I have read reviews on the simplicity box were they were having problems with Windows XP and their box.

I read great reviews about the Ultimate Box but nothing about if anyone had problem using it with windows XP.Anyone have either and do you have Windows XP.

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I have an Ultimate Box that hooks up by serial port since I had a free serial port and the USB Ultimate box was more expensive. I have Windows XP and it works perfect! I just got mine a couple weeks ago...new to embroidering. Very easy to set up and have used it many many times already, I'm embroidering everything I can get my hands on. I have a Husqvarna Iris. I've been loading up to 3 designs at a time and I know it holds lots lots more but I don't know what I want to embroider too much in advance.
Hope this helps.
Oh, I bought my Ultimate box off ebay, new, sealed for $115 plus shipping.

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Joly, thanks I was pricing them on ebay too! That was a really good price!

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I have Windows XP and an Ultimate USB cardwriter and the card itself. Have it a week and love it! Couldn't live without it. I can write about 28(!!!) designs at the card at the same time. But once you have 1 card you'll want one more, because when you want new designs on the card the other ones get erased.
I paid 170 dollar (excl. shipping) for the box AND the card.
Enjoy and good luck!

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PES-2 Reader Writer Box and Software I just purchased at a great deal! Now I have to purchase the card.Everyone enjoy your new boxes Red

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I know this is a verylate response, but I had mine delivered yesterday Nov 28th, and could only do the download etc tonight 29th Nov. I am thrilled with it.
Tomorrow morning I am attempting the first embroidery pattern, with my Simplicity SE3. I am so thrilled with it, I hope I am successful in the morning on the first pattern.

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