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ourguysJune 27, 2008

We get chipmunks in the dryer vent pipe - they have to get in from the outside, and the smell lets us know one has died in there. Is there a critter proof dryer vent (thru the basement wall to the outside) that we can install? A screen would just fill up with lint......

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Our dryer vent came with a plastic door that just pops out to clean. The holes in the door are big enough that lint can get out but critters can't get in.

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Our vent has louvers. They stay closed except when the dryer is running and then the air forces them open.

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Home depot sells a "cage" that goes over your existing vent on the outside of the house, no need to change any of your existing pipes or vent. Not sure what it's called but it's with all the other dryer vents.

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