PE 150 top thread problem - HELP Please

stacie8June 16, 2007

I just got a PE 150, it's used. I was able to embroider one name and then the needle broke and I replaced it. Now everytime the top of the letters are loose, I've tried each of the tension numbers and it's the same. I also tried another needle. What could I be doing wrong? The bottom of the letter looks perfect.

Thanks to anyone who could help me.

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Here are a few things you can try:

Make sure the fabric & stabilizer are still tight in the hoop. It could be when the needle broke it pulled the fabric loose a bit.

Make sure there isn't any thread (or a piece of the needle!) in the bobbin area.

Make sure the machine and bobbin are threaded correctly.

Turn the machine off for a minute or 2 then try it again. The needle break could have gotten something out of sync in the machine. Kind of like rebooting the computer when it's not working right.


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