Connecting TV to external speakers -Not working

char_35March 21, 2013

My question is similar to Yosemitebills question recently.
I'm trying to connect my TV to external speakers, hopefully better sound .I have a RCA type connector to the phono Rt. and Lt. jack on the amplifier The other end too the TV audio out headphone jack.I have the external speakers connected to the amplifier. I believe I have the wires correctly to the speakers. ( Dark wire = red, plain wire = Black). But, no sound. I don't get sound from the CD player or radio either. All components that are connected light up when turned on. This an older JVC receiver. I'm using the phono jacks for TV because the others are being used. (CD, Tape Recorder)
I don't know where to begin to trouble shoot.
I hope someone can help.

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You indicate that you are plugging the TV output connectors to the PHONO input on your JVC receiver. I would suggest moving that connection to the AUX input to insure that you are not overloading the PHONO input. The PHONO input on most receivers expects a turntable with a MAG cartridge which has a very low output. Some receivers have AUX1 and AUX2 inputs. Also, make sure that the audio out for your TV is enabled.

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Yikes! As Mike pointed out, you don't want to use the phono input as it is meant for a very low level magnetic phono cartridge signal that is much lower than the "line level" output from CD and tape players. The headphone output level is also higher than the normal "line level" but it can work. You do need to use a line level input however.

Since you don't have CD or tuner output either, start there. You didn't mention the model of the receiver (please do so if you can) but make sure that things such as "A-B" speaker selectors are in the "A" only position and you are connected to the "A" speaker outputs. Also make sure you do not have a "tape monitor" switch in the on position.

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