Driveway Patrol - feedback???

kimcocoMarch 11, 2009

I remember reading posts about security for the home, but I don't remember which forum, so I'm posting here.

Driveway Patrol is a wireless battery operated sensor system that chimes when motion is detected, and the product states that the range is 400 feet.

I want to install a security system (cheap) for my driveway so I know when others are accessing my property. Someone on gardenweb mentioned Driveway Patrol, but the reviews I'm reading on the web are mixed. Some say good, some say bad.

For those who are familiar with and have used this product, would you kindly provide some feedback?

Thank you

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I have several of them plced in various areas.

Cons: (which can be compensated for) --If facing sunlight or an area where heat inversions are likely, it will give false alarms. ----Birds, other animals,insects moving leaves/branches/grass can give false alarms. Oh yeah, when the batteries get low, especially in freezing weather, you'll get false alarms.

What I did was to take black electrical tape and put strips over the sensor leaving a 1 inch slit in the center of the sensor. It narrowed the field and a larger object such as a car, person, deer, Yetti will set it off. Then I inserted them into small bird houses where the sensor has a view of the opening. This practically eliminated the sun and heat inversions from setting it off. I had one of these sitting on the porch too so if the cat showed up, I could let it in.

In general, I am happy with them. I bought them at Harbor Freight for about 20 bucks each.

I plan on trying those garage sensors. When anything breaks the beam, a relay will set off a chime. The Driveway Patrols have been doing the job so I haven't taken the time to play with the idea. You can also get (or make)one of those pressure sensitive mats and put them by your doors. I have a friend who put one of those air hose things gas stations used to have that dings when someone rides over it, across his driveway.

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