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smutchlJune 8, 2008

I just bought a used Designer 1, I am missing the first disk of the set of four that I think comes with a new machine, does any one know how I can get the first disk? I'm trying to figure this all out, I'm so excited to get

started on my new machine, well new to me. Thank you for

any help.


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I don't think you will be able to get the designs. You can't copy them from anyone and they are not on the Viking site. However, there are free designs on the Viking site. There are TONS of sites on the internet to purchase designs or to download free designs. Bunnycup right now has many retired sets for free. Believe me, you will not be short designs after a while on the internet. Have fun with your D1. I've only had mine for about 7 months now. It's certainly getting the embroidery workout.

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HI, I have a question regarding my designer I. My usb thingy has stopped being able to be read on my computer. No computer problems though. It will read through once and then read only 3/4 of the way the second time. Has anyone dealt with this issue before...I may need to go buy it all over again.
thanks diane

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I had an issue with my USB stick about 5 months ago. All of a sudden it quite working. I wouldn't pull up designs on the computer. Luckily, my machine is still under warranty and the dealer gave me a new stick. I was freaking out because I wasn't sure if they would give me a new stick. The price on those things are criminal.

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Is it possible the amount of space the designs use up that you have put on the USB exceed the maximum. I have the D2 with a reader/writer. In the past I had trouble transfering designs on my D2 card. I erased all the designs on the card, started fresh saving designs and then had no problems. The card was no longer "full".

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