Magnavox (Phillips 20MS334R01

oldgoat07March 2, 2007

Several weeks ago, out of the blue, my Magnavox 20MS334R01 Television made in china in 2003, suddenly had the Closed Captions turned on for some reason. I cannot locate my owners mannual, so I can't refer to it to fix. I have tried numerous times to turn the darn things off, to the point of being ready to pull what is left of my hair out. I can find no reset button on the rear of the set. How can I turn it back off?

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Strange. I need the CC and on my Magnavox they just up and quit. I had the manual and the instrucitons failed.

So -- I unplugged the bugger overnight and the following day my CC had returned. Perhaps if you unplug yours overnight they will go away.

Seriously, this unplugging programmable things is an old crude trick I learned on the million dollar computers 30 years ago. When all else failed the engineers would turn all the power off. Subsequently I have used it on my cheap WalMart TV to get the color to return and on my cheap WalMart VCR to reset for reprogramming and now on my expensive Magnavox to get my CC back.

Note. Unplug the thing. Somehow the power switch doesn't do the same as unpluging the thing. And let it set unplugged for awhile. Please report back for us.

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