Diet Pals - 26 Apr to 02 May

quiltingbunnyApril 26, 2004

Hi Everyone,

We had incredible weather this weekend and I have been 'offline' from all PCs until now. Gave DH 'royal heck' for working all the time, even at home, and 'being the martyr' for his job...classic heart attack waiting to happen - 41, smoker, overweight, stressed and tired from work - doesn't relax anymore - I PUT MY FOOT DOWN and told him to knock it off or find another job. End of story. So I was reluctant to get on the PC because he is an IT Manager and spends all his free time either studying IT books or trying to sort things in 'his lab' at home. We don't do much anymore!

Other than that - spent the weekend in the garden. It's my TOM and I am up a pound from last week. Also went through a nibble stage I always have prior to this so I am not sweating it. I did actually have 2 days at 140 pounds so I know I can achieve it. Just have to pay more attention to things.

I will catch up on the weekend posts.

Hope everyone is planning to have a fabby week!


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McPeg I would love to be 140 lbs! I have a friend just like your hubby. Would like to shake some sense into her.
I found I love those crystal light type drink mixes. Wylers has one that is raspberry flavor and it is so good. 5 calories per cup.
I am down another 1 1/2. Cartwheels going on here! Was hungry all weekend but have decided that is the way it must be for me to lose. 2 more lbs and I'll be less than I have been in 10 years at least. This chunky gal feels skinny! It helped I walked the community yard sale for 3 hours. Posted my finds on the kt if anyone wants to peek.
It is rainy and ugly here - wanted to mow but will clean cupboards and gather stuff for a yard sale. Keeping these hands busy keeps food out of my mouth. Kathy

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Kathy - you are doing so well! It seems we all inspire each other at different days which has been a tremendous help. I am very happy that things are moving for you. Totally agree that keeping your hands busy helps to keep your mind off food. I overate when sitting down with DH and started telling him I am unhappy with his present work habits. We both started munching - obviously an area of concern bothering both of us! I would love to have a yard sale but they don't do that in Scotland - it's car boot sales (flea markets).

Alice - caught your update on the last thread - FABULOUS! You are inspiring me too! You must feel like a million bucks.

We are all champions! C'mon gang, let's get moving, put that spring in our step and doing a few dances across the floor!



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Thanks McPeg. I am just hanging onto this determination as hard as I can. I have a family wedding to go to in June and I keep picturing myself feeling thin that day. I am 55 lbs less now but it has taken about 4 years - the last 2 I stayed about the same (up and down) but that was OK because it could have been up and up. Hubby's brother finally acknowledged I had lost weight this year. Gee it would have been nice if he had noticed 2 years ago. I am mentally picturing getting on the doctor scales and having the numbers lower. We'll see.
McPeg - you could have a yard sale. They once did not do them here either. I still have the old toy horse on wheels I bought at my first one. Well nothing much is getting cleaned if i am sitting here. Bye all and have a super day. Kathy

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Well, my DH and I have resolved not to have any more Kitkats in the house nor munchies - I keep doing sooooo well during the day and then boom - he starts munching and then I start munching (probably one of the reasons I have been fighting the same few pounds!). I recognise this as a hinderence to my goal - I am writing it down to all and bear my soul and make me READ THIS TO MYSELF.
Never give up! Never surrender!
Trying again today. I can't blame that on my TOM - just a weakness and caving to food in front of me. Time to refresh the fruit bowl and put it in front of us for those moments....tonight I think grapes and apples!

We are back in RAINY weather - yesterday was UNBELIEVABLE weather - hot/sunny - today - rain suit into work and no mascara until arriving at work!

Taking another shot at today. My goal today/this week is to focus on my goal in the evening. Daytime no problem.

What's your goal for today??? (should also make some veggie soup for snacks...)


PS, I forgot to say hello to Barefoot, Yellowhair, Kathy, DeeMarie, Alice....have I forgotten anyone?

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My goal today is to stay hungry!!! Hubby and I are both hungry - him more since he is on a lower cholesterol diet. He bought tickets to a AYCE spaghetti and meatball dinner from a kid at church after a friend tried to sell me 2 and I told her I could not eat that. My plan - to take a baggie and put half the spaghetti on my plate into that baggie, no seconds, take my own dressing for the salad, no roll (sob), no dessert (sniff). Heck I might as well not go! OK I need to focus on what I can have and not what I can't.
I am taking 20 pounds off by fall - how's that for a goal? 20 pounds by Ocotber 1st - that's only 4 pounds a month.
Well jump on board and tell us your goals. Kathy

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Hi ladies! I've got a project I'm working on, so I'll be brief. And that's hard for me! lol

I'm about the same weightwise. I ran across my book "Fit for Life" and re-read some of it. I've been trying to do the breakfast thingy with juices and fruit, so I'll have more energy in the evenings. I'm not really a breakfast person anyway.

It's also about food combining. Instead of steak and potatoes, it suggests steak and steamed veggies. They are not in favor of a lot of dairy products. Well, anyway, I'm adhering to SOME of the principles.

For some reason, I'm having a problem drinking water. I'm also attempting to switch from diet Dr. Pepper to tea. But, right now I'm not doing too good---lol---I'm in the experimentation stages.

Well, I'll get back to my project. Have a great day!

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Okay - don't forget that soup/broth is water, ICE CUBES are water, sugar free popsickles are WATER...does this help?

And now, we return to - As the World Turns....when last left McPeg chewed out DH for working too much and not playing anymore.....

Check out the link! I get to be Rapuntzel this weekend - we are going to a castle with lots of WALKING in the WOODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If this doesn't make me want to stick to my diet for the rest of the week for 2 days of bliss - I don't know what will!!!!!

I'm sooooo excited! Will have to get photos!


Here is a link that might be useful: My Castle Weekend

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Alright - where did everyone go to ????
Don't worry - I am having a lovely conversation with myself.....(***G***)
Can't wait for the weekend, even got flowers last night (and DH asked if this got him out of housework)...I told him the house can clean itself this weekend - I off duty. Seriously...translates into...NO. I have been pulling extra housework while he has been working/studying and we both need a break. I think I need to reintroduce him to the vaccuum cleaner, dish soap, washing machine and where his clothes go.
Today have loaded up on my fresh veg and fruit, flavoured water on the way into work. Going to enjoy a fruit salad at lunch today and try to drink more water.
Hope everyone is having a good day!

Hope SOMEONE checks in today - I wanna share my happy news with ANYONE - gosh, darn...


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Hi McPeg - happy dance for you this morning! I am thinking a walk in the woods might be tick-ey so wear a hat and maybe some spray. Gee that adds romance doesn't it?
Hmmm I told hubby there is some things he needs to do this week other than work on the motorcycle and work on the teen church stuff. His answer - he works all day - gee I guess I missed the time I sat around with bonbons and watched the soaps while I was wrestling the lawn mower up and down the hills and cleaning.
Dentist appt today.
I am within a pound of my high school weight! (remember I was fat in high school too). Feels good though.
I put a big 20 on a note pad on the refrigerator door to remind me of what I want to lose.
Bye and have a great healthy day! Kathy

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Congratulations to everyone! You are all doing so good!
I've been watching what I eat, but not keeping up with the points. Today was my weigh-in day and I just realized that for the first time in 32 weeks, I forgot to weigh! Oh well, I'll have to weigh in the morning.
Jammer and I went to visit some friends that I hadn't seen in a year. The first thing the lady said to me was, "You have got skinny!" I didn't realize my weight loss was that noticable! It makes you feel good when someone else notices.
We will be partying in our office all day tomorrow. The Superintendent's secretary is retiring and we will be having snacks all day so everyone can stop by to say goodbye to her. I've already decided that I'm not even going to think about points! I'm going to enjoy and then feel miserably stuffed afterwards. LOL

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I have lost 10 pounds so far. Still no cheating. I found some great meal plans on the net and went shopping over the weekend. Bought some veggie burgers and veggie sausage and egg beaters along with plenty of fish and chicken. I tried out some of the recipies on my husband, and he liked them too, so that will help. He wants to lose 10 pounds, so we are doing it together for now. I did DDR twice since Friday...Need to up the excersize though. I walk when the weather is nice, but it has been cold and rainy here, so that went out the window. I did alot of house cleaning so I hope that burned some calories at least. I used to get so much excersize before I had kids....I ran, swam, played tennis. There just isn't time for that anymore with 3 kids. Does running around after an active 1 year old count????

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Yes, running around after children or should I rephrase that to - keeping up with wee ones - definitely burns calories (in a fun way).
I am having a tough week this week with food. My mood is not bad but I am STARVING (not like me at all). Not beating myself up, I know I have tossed my points today but I think it will be soup and toast tonight and bed early. My body is trying to tell me something but I haven't figured it out yet. Maybe a couple of stress free days will put me right again! Still drinking water and eating lots of fruit today. I need exercise and probably more walking.
Happy to hear reports of 'you look skinny' and losing 10 pounds. MaryAnn, sometimes ya just gotta do what cha gotta do and let your hair out! Like the note on the fridge idea - I need to have something tatooed on the inside of my eyelids and my lips sewed shut for the rest of this week...aaaarrrggghhhh!
More fruit, more fruit. More fibre. More water.
I am craving carbs so I am thinking my mental hormones are swinging again - need more sun again - gotta get my light on at home in the mornings readjust this body clock of mine.
Still hanging in there! Glad to hear from everyone!

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McPeg, that castle weekend sounds so nice! Thanks for the tips on the water. Fruit also has water!

I'm still at the grindstone on my project, but I'm getting used to not eating in the mornings. I walked this morning, hope to get back to exercises tonight.

Had to bring plants in last night, very cool, but today is beautiful and gettin' warmer!! Yayyyy! Take care, everybody and have a great & slimming day!

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My dentist noticed this morning! She said I had lost more weight but I think she was just remembering the "before" me but it felt good anyway.
Have fun MaryAnne!
Bought some Mrs Meringue (definitely spelled wrong but the container is staying in my car) cookies at Bed Bath and Beyond this morning and was puzzled when it said there was 90 calories in 4 of them. Usually 12 of them have around 110 calories. Well I took one out and they were 4 of the others! Try them if you get a chocolate craving - these were triple chocolate. I called them lunch and they were good. Oh my gosh - there went a big yellow butterfly! He will need to knit himself a sweater. Glad to read of everyone's progress. Kathy(20)

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Sounds like spring is definitely arriving everywhere. I have just booked tomorrow off (Scotland has a long bank weekend this weekend). My batteries keep dying this week about noon. Checking my food diary - I have been going nuts on carbs, yestday actually UNDERATE (thought I over ate!) and today same pattern. Usually I get like this when I need a good dose of sun.
Tomorrow will catch up at home on my mount everest of laundry - washed - sorted - just needs to find the closet, dresser and some to be ironed. Have absolutely NO ENERGY at night this week to even put stuff away! So tomorrow will clean the house so it can be ignored for the weekend. Going to put on some good tunes, get some fresh air, get some flavoured water and try to eat more balanced meals tomorrow. Hopefully, even a walk and not just in the garden!
Kathy - isn't it wonderful when other people notice your efforts? Doesn't that just spur you on?
Hope everyone is doing well this week. I will be checking in tomorrow but will not be back online after that until Monday some time - so don't wait for me on Monday to start next's week thread. Hope to have some Scottish photos to upload to my photo album and share a link for ya!

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AAAARGH! I'm stuck at 10 pounds. Got on the scale and was still at the same weight as last friday. This seems to happen since I took prednisone a while back. After the first 10, the body says NO MORE. This is where I stalled last time because I stayed at the same weight for 3 weeks and gave up. I WILL NOT GIVE UP THIS TIME!!!!! I am tired of being a size 10 person in a size 18 body! I have so many nice clothes that I can wear again once I do this. I also want to put on a bathing suit again for the first time in 3 years. Give me Strength!!!!!!!

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I hear ya loud and clear barefoot babe - been there last 3 years and I am just S L O W L Y getting past my stall point where I always quit. Get MAD at yourself for quitting last time and stick with it. It's mathematics if ya talked to a dietician - eventually the weight will shift. Its true - keep the faith. I have been bouncing - since late Feb from 145 - 143. BAck and forth, back and forth.
Do you notice while you are stalling/plateauing that your body is changing - clothes are a little more loose? Shape changing - even slightly? I found my weight sticking but body changing - a lot. Just peeked at the scales this morning for damage control and see if this week has been as bad and looks like my weight is snailing its way down again - like half a pound. My weigh day is Monday, I have a weekend away with LOTS of already paid for meals. I promise to enjoy myself but also pay attention to what I eat - I promise myself. My body changes has settled down again but my weight is trying to move. Its been a very, very slow process for me. I figure if I give up now I will be kicking myself by summer that I let myself down.
Hang in there - I am walking beside you on this one. I am grabbing your arm and pulling you along with me!

Let's stick with this. Don't give up. Even if ya have a bad day - let it go and get back on track. One bad day compared to a good, healthy week of taking care of yourself should not topple your goals.

I will pull you along and you can pull me along. We are here for each other!

Have a fabby day today. Get out and TREAT yourself with something else to take your mind off things. My treats have been fun earrings - you should see the collection I have since starting my diet!

Get something new for yourself. You need a treat.


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BB - hugs - it's tough isn't it? Believe me we all on.
McPeg I found your half a pound! I decided I was not eating enough - food is fuel - right? So I ate what a normal person would call diet portions but not starvation portions for 2 days and guess what - imported half a pound!
This has been a bad week - more bills than bucks, a hubby who is losing weight never mind he and the dogs eat a gallon of popcorn every other night. Ever wish you were a dog so someone would throw popcorn at you? So for me it is back to being hungry 24/7 - either that or become a long distance runner - lol.
McPeg go and enjoy yourself. Chin up everybody. Have a nice weekend. Play the lottery and if you win I need a nice vacation. Badly....

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Hey, everybody. Well, I've slipped back to pepsi for a day or so----I know, I know better. Didn't get on the scales in the past 2 days.

My project is almost completed and I'll get back to some sort of schedule. lol A little rain here today. Got some mystery Irises coming up---some nice GWebbers sent me some and I've forgotten the colors.

Have a great weekend! Don't give up-----just exercise harder and get back on track---that's what I'm going to do!!!

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Well, it's EARLY Saturday morning in McPeg's world. Of course I WOKE UP AT 5 AM TODAY!!!!! Just could not sleep. Wanted a coffee and enjoy the morning. The birds are singing their songs (heaven to me), the flowers are in bloom, my seedlings are yawning awake and my little visiting cat popped round for some milk and cuddles. We will probably leave around 10:30 this morning for our couple of days. I am still at 140 this morning (MAJOR GOALPOST) and I know that even if I gain back some weight from this weekend I can get back to 140. Now that I have maintained it almost for a week (I gain a couple of pounds of water every month...) it is real to me. Some size 12 pants I can now sqeeze into, still have bulges but at least they reach up over my tush now (GRIN). What a change from December.
Barefoot babe - I'm still pulling you along. You are all in my thoughts this weekend. Don't sweat the small stuff - think about how much better you feel with a few pounds gone. Think about where you want to be in 3 months, 6 months, a year from now. Don't get hung up on small trips along the way or a night out every now and again.

Treat yourself this weekend. I will be hunting down earrings to add to my collection - might even take a photo of it to share with ya (call me a nutter). Also hoping to have some other photos to share too!

Get some fruit and bveg today, get outside, get moving! If you have children - play with them. Run around with them. Eat like them! (ever notice how younger kids nibble their food? don't eat large meals?)

Enjoy your day! Life is precious. Family is precious... Friends are precious. Do something nice for someone else and yourself. What goes around, comes around.

Have a wonderful, wonderful day today!


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