Lost the dvd player

deb_paMarch 30, 2008

My brother, grandson and I were watching a Garfield dvd. The grandson went up and turned the tv off with the power button on the tv. This tv is a 32inch Magnavox about 6 years old, DVD player is a Symphonic a few years old. The tv is hooked to a Diretv box with coax line, the DVD player is hooked to the tv with the red, white and yellow lines. Ok when the tv was turned back on we had nothing. So I went into the tv's setup and saw the setup had gone to Antenna signal so I changed it back to cable. The dish then worked fine. Problem, I can't get the DVD movie to play on the screen again. I have tried all the channels on the tv but none show the movie. I have tried the input button on the Directv remote and it turns to a channel but no picture or movie. What the heck am I missing here? Called Directv and they say "not their problem, not their equipment". Please help, I am lost.

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you need to select the TV's AUX input.....

if you can't select it, post your TV model number

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I suspect your grandson may have been charged up with static from the carpet or his clothing on the floor.

Try swapping out the dvd cables with those from the dish. Might help eliminate one question mark.


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Model number MS3250 C331 Serial number 78200731 I can get to the tv setup menu by holding in the volumn up and down buttons but didn't see an Aux setup, hope this isn't only on the "lost" remote. Dvd uses the 3 colored wires, red, white, and yellow. Dish uses coax cable, can't swap them around. Will try new colored cables tonight.

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Press the CH + or  buttons on the TV to scroll the channels until AV1 appears in the upper left corner of the
TV screen.

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Thank-you, thank-you. Found the DVD player between channel 1 and 125. Now I have to teach my brother how to go from the Dish control to the tv channel control. Don't suppose you could tell me how to get the dvd player back to playing on channel 3, same as the dish?

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