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rachy20April 3, 2009

Hi everyone!!! My name is Rachy...Well what can I say these last 2 days of "gorging" WOW incredible!!! I can only imagine how I will feel tomm. starting the 500 calorie diet. My story is I lived in Miami, moved to TX and gained almost like 80lbs...NEVER had I been that big...Came back to Miami lost about 40lbs in total and well have gained back most of it again! Something about me and food, why does it have to be so good? Oh well, honestly guys this is my last chance...I really need to lose this weight, i DON'T want to end up doing surgery or any easy way out. I am prepared to struggle the 41 days and more if results are seen during this time. Please any advice, suggestions, or any motivations would be greatly appreciated...Thank you so much, wish me luck I'll keep you all posted and let's get taco bell and all of these foods out of my mind!!! hehehe...For real this time I WILL DO THIS!!!!

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I'm curious how this works: you eat a log, then take hcg--doctor prescribed/administered? And then go on a 500 calorie diet? What keeps your body from triggering starvation mode? And what does hcg do to cause weight loss?

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Not "eat a log." I meant eat a "LOT." Sorry for the typo.

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