DSL and telephones....help please.

ar_dramaqueenMarch 24, 2009

I recently got DSL for my home. I have several wireless telephones in my house (not cell phones, wireless phones). This is a set of Uniden DCX640 Expandable Hand Sets.

The main base has an answering machine on it, and thoug the main base still works as far as a phone, the answering machine no longer kicks in and picks up the call.

Also, some of the hand sets have no dial tone.

I have plugged the phones into the DSL filters given to my by the DSL company, but it seems that only a few of my phones still work. Once I plugged in the DSL, the others have no dial tone and the answering machine will not pick up.

What could be the issue?

Any ideas?

Thank you for any help,


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How many of the phones and devices are connected to the line? All of them? You may have too many devices on the circuit. Every device pulls a bit of current from the line. If too much current is being pulled, too many devices, some of them may not get enough current to work, won't ring or get a dial tone. If it all worked before DSL, could be the DSL filters themselves are pulling enough current to make the difference between the phones working and not.

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I have a 4 phone system. We first had a system with 2 phones on it. Then we bought a system with an answering machine so we now have the answering machine base telephone plugged into the wall, and the other 3 phones work off of it wirelessly.

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Had the same problem then Verizon came out and removed all the individual filters and put in one main filter in the service box outside. Haven't had a problem since and the DSL works much faster.

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