Do it yourself carpet spot dye kits

analyticalJune 26, 2006

Anyone try any of the do it yourself carpet spot dye kits that are advertised on the web? Just wondering if any work. I have a faint bleach stain on my carmel colored carpet.

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A friend spilled some bleach in her livingroom. She hired a carpet company to come out and fix it. They cut some carpet from the back of a closet and patched it in. You have to look for it to see where it was done.

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Analytical.... I sympathize. I woke up at 6am and found dog pee on my new carpet. I blotted it up and grabbed the bottle of Nature's Miracle and liberally soaked the area (directions on the bottle) - WELL, i am smelling bleach and realize I grabbed the wrong bottle and poured bleach on my new carpet..... it is right in a doorway and my sage color carpet is a peach color, fortunately it sort of looks like the light coming from the windows make the carpet look lighter in that spot. I can't offer any help except to say that your not alone... Now I use hydrogen peroxide for such "accidents" -- it is a lot cheaper too.....

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